Black & White Wedding Photography - Stylish & Emotive

Black & White Wedding Photography - Stylish & Emotive

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savePhoto: Kevin Mullins
Photo: Kevin Mullins

Black and white photography doesn’t associate itself with traditional photos. Just the simple fact that you can hand develop these photos, playing with exposures and processes, is probably what attracted the camera lover in the first place, and that’s without even beginning to talk about the many different styles a black and white photo album offers to professional photographers.

savePhoto: Lane Dittoe
Photo: Lane Dittoe
savePhoto: Julian Beattie
Photo: Julian Beattie

Creations in black and white are a basic start in the art of photography, and a must in any pre-wedding photo session, or as part of the same album for your wedding day. The reasons why are simple: playing with contrasts, the ability for the importance of the leading characters to really stand out in the photos (in this case, the couple), removing the distraction of colour and adding an impeccable finish. Black and white photos become instant memories to treasure, and really triumph in capturing the true story through photography. Be it in images of the newleyweds, shots from the ceremony, capturing the tears from the father of the bride, the enjoyment of guests or even capturing troublesome children.

savePhoto: Valentín Gamíz
Photo: Valentín Gamíz
savePhoto: Kevin Mullins
Photo: Kevin Mullins
savePhoto: Jeff Sampson
Photo: Jeff Sampson

Black and white is also one of the best solutions for photographers when the weather isn’t on their side. If the sky is cloudy, or the light is too low, contrasts and over exposures are fixed as if by magic when putting the image into black and white, whether the original shot was taken in colour, or two tone and is fixed later in the process of post production.

savePhoto: Mauricio Maenza
Photo: Mauricio Maenza

Portraits also work extremely well with this type of photography: they soften the skin tone and hide any imperfection or shadow that appears on the face. What we do suggest is that if you do want an album completely in black and white, it is best that you search for a photographer specialising in these types of images, that can make the most of the potential in each scene.

savePhoto: María Velarde
Photo: María Velarde

Having said all this, and as much as you now may be tempted to opt for a black and white album – we do think it is the most suited format to portray emotions, which ultimately is what it’s all about when you say “I do”, but opting for photos in colour is the more versatile choice. This makes it easy to share photos with family and friends and can easily be transferred into black and white should you want certain shots to have this effect, while if you choose images exclusively in black and white, the option of transferring these into colour is not possible.

savePhoto: B&E Photographs
Photo: B&E Photographs

Likewise, colour is a fundamental part of weddings, especially when it comes to capturing stunning colours in the brides bouquet, tones in the décor, or even best, the cake. Our suggestion: choose a combined album, where you can contrast an image from different angles, one in colour and one in black and white.

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Photo Credits: Kevin Mullins Lane Dittoe Julian Beattie Valentín Gamíz Jeff Sampson Mauricio Maenza María Velarde B&E Photographs

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