Top 3 Reasons To Get Married In Winter From Maison Options

If you want to be different and organise a wedding in winter, Maison Options are the ones to turn to for the decoration of your big day... don't miss out.

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The wedding season is usually considered to be between April and September, seeing as though we all dream of a having an outside reception, under a radiant sun. But what about having your wedding in winter Maison Options, the specialist in equipment hire, decoration and staging for receptions has found at least 3 good reasons to do it !

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Maison Options – Scénographe Jean-Luc Blais / Photographe Greg Allen

Suppliers and Guests Are More Likely to be Available

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, most weddings are held during spring or summer. Consequently, it can take several months, or even years, to get the services from the suppliers you want. By getting organised ahead of time, your task will be a lot easier as they are more likely to be available and their rates will most definitely be lower. Your guests will also be happier as they will be able to go on their summer holiday whilst still being able to attend your big day!

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Maison Options – Scénographe Jean-Luc Blais / Photographe Greg Allen

Warm Lighting and Warm Colours 

If you were to get married in winter, your wedding atmosphere is more likely to be more intimate and cosy. The sun that sets earlier and the cold that covers everything with frost are the two main reasons for this more informal environment.

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Maison Options – Scénographe Jean-Luc Blais / Photographe Greg Allen

If you choose pastel colours, just like you would for a summer wedding, do not hesitate to nuance your decoration with a touch of gold in order to warm up the atmosphere, as you can see in this table arrangement. Our Napoleon III gold chairs are placed around a table with a  pink linen tablecloth on which are placed our gold tumblers and opal glasses.

You can also decide to go in a completely different direction by choosing a bright colour, such as red, which is synonymous of love and passion.

Maison Options – Scénographe Philippe Model / Photographe Greg Allen

Here, the only white, silver and gold present is in the Soliman cutlery, cups and plates. To add a little bit of magic and depth to your table, don’t hesitate to place different lighting accessories on the table : candelabras, candleholders, candles…

A Chalet-like Atmosphere

If you are getting married in the mountains, why don’t you try and impress your guests with wedding that follows a chalet-like style. When it comes to the decor, place a sledge or wooden skis, some logs and pine cones all around the room and your guests will certainly feel like they are on a skiing holiday! At the end of the dinner, serve hot chocolate and coffee instead of anymore desserts or drinks. For the decoration, gain inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and set up a buffet table with impressive crockery, giant flowers, some candles… and not forgetting, of course, the famous white rabbit. With a bit of luck, some snow from outside might enter and perfect the ambiance of your winter wedding!

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Maison Options – Scénographe Jean-Luc Blais / Photographe Greg Allen

Have we managed to persuade you? Head to Maison Options’ website and in a few clicks you will be able to rent all the material for your wedding. Skills, quality and irreprochable response time are the key words associated to this renowned company.

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