The 5 Things You Must Take Into Account In Order To Create The Perfect Wedding Photo Album

One of the most special gifts that a couple could receive is a photo album filled with all the photos from their special wedding day. See here how to make sure it's perfect fro them!

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One of the most special gifts that a coupe could receive is a photo album filled with all the photos from their special wedding day. A personal photo album as a memoir of a wedding day holds so much sentimental value, which is why you must choose someone you know you can trust to create it. There are a number of things you must take into account when creating it, though. Read on to find out the 5 things you need to be sure of.

1. The Album Is Made With Care

One of the most important things in any area of ​​life is love and enthusiasm. Any piece of work, particularly those that are close to the heart, must reflect love and enthusiasm, too. Just like, Mille-Feuille, a company that specialises in the production of exceptional photography books, every album must be made with great care and craftsmanship. This way it will be truly unique.

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2. The Importance of The Aesthetics

You want the album to look good. When it’s on the bookshelf in 10 years, among all the family albums, you want it to stand out. The products from Mille Feuille are always made to catch the eye, by experiences bookbinders. The team there rigorously choose the best leather, paper and textile imported from the best places in Europe. Each book is made manually by an artisan who puts the utmost patience and craftsmanship into each product. You won’t be able to find another company that creates such beautiful and durable books.

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3. It’s Suited To The Couple’s Taste

One of the fundamental aspects when creating an album of wedding photos is that you adapt it to your liking, so that it is exactly what you imagined it to be. Therefore, the team of Mille-Feuille accompanies you at every stage of the creation process so that the only thing you have to do is send them the selection of images once the wedding has been done and discuss with them how you would like them to appear.

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4. The Album Design Is Perfect

The cover of the album will tell you a lot about what is inside and will reflect the essence of the couples personality and their special day. In Mille-Feuille there are more than 30 fabrics among which you can choose to cover your dream album. Regarding the different internal designs, the company offers each couple a professional graphic designer who will help you achieve a balanced and elegant composition. Besides that, the quality of the paper is of vital importance that is why Mille-Feuille offers paper of superior quality cotton meaning that the print quality is spectacular.

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5. The Size Is Important

The importance of the size of the album will depend mainly on the size in which you want to have the photos. Mille-Feuille lets you choose from different options and different sizes such as the signature book (available only in monumental size), the pre-wedding, the wedding and the honeymoon book as well as a premium case that can be made in all sizes. This ornamental box is lined with the same fabric as the album or another that combines everything together perfectly.

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The Mille-Feuille products are sold 100% online and their delivery time once requested is around four weeks from the validation of the final draft.

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