The 12 Best Wedding Photographers in Madrid for 2017

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most important decisions you have to make is choosing your photographer. He or she, along with their team, will be responsible for recording your memories of that day without forgetting any details: how your shoes looked as you walked, which flowers made up the bouquet, how the groom looked on the dancefloor, the details of the wedding dress, how you smiled when you first looked at each other, the exchanging of the rings, the first kiss…

That choice is so important because as Lewis Hine said: “If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn´t need to lug around a camera.” Therefore, we have made a selection of the photographic studios that will make you relive your wedding almost exactly as it was the first time. Here are the top 12 Wedding Photographers in Madrid. Enjoy!


On the way to Zarzuela, number 11, 2ºB, Pozuelo de Alarcón, is their studio and although it is a Madrid-based company, Luis and his team love to travel and get to know other cultures…Which is why they have the availability to move anywhere. “And we are delighted,” they told us.

Their style when photographing any wedding is very natural and uncontrived. Undoubtedly, they enjoy capturing the naturalness of the moment and the photos are characterised by being cheerful and spontaneous.

Momem Fotografía

“Our studio is in Madrid, on Avenida Manoteras, but we go wherever the couple wants us to,” they tell us. They are a team of professionals who participate in each event they photograph, capturing the emotions of the moments that matter. They also look for their images to be natural with a purist vision and provide the aesthetic that characterises their work.

From their background and experience, they know what their couples want. Therefore their priority is giving you their personal attention from the first moment and building a relationship with you. Also the way they tell your story is in a natural and delicate way. They know that their photographs make the memory that you will keep for life and they want you to remember it fondly.

Carlos Aragón Fotografía

The studio of Carlos Aragon and Patricia Fuertes is located in Central Madrid. Their work highlights originality and product customisation, good treatment of the couple and the ability to pay attention to small details. With these great professionals you are guaranteed a job well done.

And on such an important day everything around you is worth keeping. This pair of professionals create images that “go beyond the traditional pattern” of wedding photography. Their goal at the end is to tell your story in a unique way, all work being done from the heart, knowing how important this day is for you.

David Morales

With a studio located on Calle Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes Number 7, Madrid Capital, these professionals will happily attend to any client with a cita previa (pre-booked appointment). “At a wedding we try to make the best of each couple, with previous meetings – as each one is different. We also offer a service that is consistent with their style,” they add.

To do this they put a lot of passion into every job and try to capture every moment. Their goal is for you to be able to keep the best memories of your life on record. And for every story to have emotion behind it, you have to transmit it and live the memories as if you were there all over again.

Lucía Romero

This photographer is currently in Madrid, on the basis of residence, but she says she likes to be “a citizen of the world” as she really works everywhere. She has done weddings throughout the Spanish geography and has recently become lucky enough to be able to get out of Spain: Paris, London, Munich … This year she was even in Mexico!

Freshness and spontaneity is something she likes to portray with her work, seeking to capture emotions, surprising with each photo and providing the best memories and closeness with the couple. She also customises each job to make the couple feel unique and special. She and her team know how to listen, also going unnoticed at times as the bride and groom grow to feel comfortable and relaxed when working with them.

Lísola Fotografía

This team is based in Madrid, on Calle Julian Camarillo 47, and they work national and international weddings. “Our work stands out in a style that seeks naturalness, simplicity, elegance and spontaneity. We try to make use of natural light most of the time to keep the pastel colour texture, we play with artistic plans avoiding more conventional poses and following with a bit of gentle retouching,” they explain. As for video, they use mechanisms such as the steady-cam, the slider and sound microphones to offer a film and documentary style.

One of their fundamental principles is to seek closeness with the couples and empathise with them. Their basic technique involves keeping their clients relaxed on their big day and comfortable with them at all times.

Liven Photography

Studio Location: Calle Lagasca, 21, 1ºD in Madrid.

“I think the most important part of our work is that on the one hand, our enthusiasm for gifting an unforgettable memory to the couple, which is something that goes beyond the audiovisual project and, secondly, that this project is a natural memory, a faithful and elegant link to the reality of the day.”

They also humbly believe that having a first-class technical team formed by young architects and professionals in the audiovisual world, with a very good presence and, most importantly, with great enthusiasm and desire that everything is absolutely perfect in each job, is key.

Elena Bau Fotografía

“Our main office is in Madrid, on Calle Hortaleza 104 but we have a team in Barcelona, ​​led by Javi and another in the south, led by Luci. In addition we cover both photo and video,” says Elena herself.

Her images convey the most important facts of the studio: that they are a team, which is widely known amongst everyone that behind every image there are many meetings and lots of time spent together and, in the end, the definition of teamwork: working with someone in whom you have confidence. That was her initial idea and philosophy they intended to follow since they opened the studio in 2012. “And of course we must stress that we put all the passion and desire to get it. I think they should choose us because our pictures convey naturalness and spontaneity,” she says.

Click 10

The select team of photographers at Click10 have been working in the world of weddings since 1997 and that experience shows in each of their photographs. Because of their experience, there is no situation that hasn´t been faced. Their work is very complete and professional, and they put all their care and affection into every job, because they understand that it is a unique day for every couple. They differ from the rest because they are photographers by vocation, they like what they do and they enjoy every minute of it. “We understand photography as part of our life, it is the way we express ourselves and it reflects how we see the world, capturing special moments in a fresh and natural way.”

El Velo Blanco

For these photographers it is essential that the couple are comfortable and relaxed. “They trust us and feel comfortable letting us do our job to get the results they expect.” They think it’s a great pleasure to dedicate themselves to wedding photography because as soon as the camera is switched on, it´s game on. “Its not just a job and really, without sounding pretentious, for us professionals is a way of life. We make the couple feel special, as they are on the day of their wedding, and manage to catch a precious memory of that time.” Many of the couples who come to them are friends of couples who have seen their work on other weddings, after seeing the result they decide to contract them. “For us, this is the best reward.”

Mira Fotografía

Naturalness, spontaneity and elegance are the three basic requirements that every wedding photograph must meet to make the cut. The idea is that the photos in your album reflect who you are as a person and when you see them you don´t mistake yourself for someone else. 

Le Mariage Creátif

On Calle Doña Urraca, 16, west of Madrid is where you will find this studio. However, they travel to anywhere in the world – wherever you want to celebrate your wedding: Mexico, Brazil, France, Italy, etc. This team has professional wedding photographers, who are fully qualified and who speak different languages ​​with the idea of ​​offering a better service and personal attention not only couples but also to the guests.

“We give care and attention to every couple and every wedding, offering an exclusive photo shoot to capture every wedding personally. From pre-wedding photographs to the delivery of the wedding book, we take care of every image of that special day” they say.

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