The 12 Best Wedding Photographers for your Destination Wedding in Barcelona, Spain

Although you might feel like you’ve got all the time on your wedding day – after all you have all the preparations, the ceremony and the reception, the truth of the matter is that it will all go by in the blink of an eye, so one of the most important things to get ticked off before the big day is organising a wedding photographer so you can look back and relive all the best moments from your wedding over and over again. So, if you’re planning on having your wedding in Barcelona, why not consider getting in touch with some of our top photographers?


Although based in Barcelona, these photographers love to travel and have photographed weddings all over the world. The beauty of their work is in its simplicity and naturalness. They’ll make sure they capture all of the most joyous moments from your big day without having to contrive anything. They always try to be the eyes of the couple and capture the day as they would be seeing it all, meaning the photos you end up with are bound to be wonderfully personal and unique. “For us, photography is a way of life, and we can guarantee creativity, commitment and the highest quality every time.”

Piña Colada [Photo + Cinema + Love]

You will find Vilassar de Dalt in Carrer Orfeó Català, 9 and also in Gran Via, 672 in Barcelona. Their photography team are all young and continually experimenting and tapping into the latest photography trends. We treat each wedding as if it were the first and we pride ourselves on taking an active interest in each of the couples we have the privilege of working for, to make sure that we can present them with the perfect wedding album at the end of it all.

Lirola & Cussó

“We are based in Barcelona but are available for weddings all over the place”. Some words that might sum up the work of this company include “natural” and “spontaneous”. This company’s primary aim is to make sure that they capture all of the best moments of your big day without you really realising that they’re there. Their philosophy is that the best photos are the most genuine and natural ones, meaning you can guarantee a creative and high quality service.

Juanjo Vega Fotografía

Like many of the companies on our list, Juanjo Vega Fotografía are based in Barcelona but are able to travel to wherever they are required and are always more than happy to do so! Moreover, their services are second to none: “we passionately believe that the most important thing is that the photos we take not only look wonderful, but also convey all the emotion and excitement of the big day – after all photos serve as a timeless reminder of all the best memories”. We love our work and subsequently always put 101% into our jobs, so you know you can rely on us!

Carla Aymat Photography

Located in Mataró, just 20 minutes outside of Barcelona, this photography company aims to deliver the most spontaneous and special shots from your wedding. We photograph all sorts of weddings, but particularly enjoy working with brides and grooms who have a zest for life and are willing to enjoy their big day to the absolute full! We specialise in experimenting with different types of light and beautiful cosy settings, so if you’re looking for something a little more creative than usual then give us a call!

Raquel Benito

“We are based in Barcelona but that doesn’t stop us from packing our bags and getting to wherever we are needed. In fact we love to travel; seeing lots of different places and the photographic opportunities that they have to offer is incredibly inspiring for us!”. What this company aims to do above all is to capture your wedding in all its detail, meaning that the album you are presented with at the end of it all is a like a story of your wedding allowing you to remember it as if it were yesterday for years to come.

Andrea Ferrara

Situated in the centre of Condal City, this photography studio stands out for a number of reasons. The style of their work is both original and elegant without sacrificing any element of creativity. Andrea Ferrar and her team aim to please and carry out all their jobs with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm meaning you can rest assured that they will compile your dream wedding album.

Made in Love by Ricardo Leal

“We work all over Europe and can get to where you need us without a problem, although we tend to work mostly in Spain and Portugal”. Made in Love by Ricardo Leal’s work stands out for its innovative quality and its experimental style. Defined by their creativity and love of photography, this company is on the cutting edge of photography and will certainly provide you with something a little different to your average photographer.

Sara Lázaro Fotografía

Available to photograph weddings all over the world, but based in Barcelona, this company stands out for its commitment to each and every job it undertakes. “We very much believe that the bride and the groom are the protagonists of any wedding and aim to take exactly the sort of photos that they would like whilst also maintaining a focus on them throughout the ceremony and celebrations”. We highly recommend this company if you’re looking for someone to document your big day in the most candid and natural way possible.

Efedos – Boda de Foto

“You’ll find us in the centre of Barcelona near the coast. Our team has grown in recent years and we are now a slightly larger group of young professional photographers with a passion for documenting all sorts of special occasions so that you can look back on your big day for years to come”. This company likes to do things a little differently and try at all costs to avoid the usual posed sorts of wedding photos. Instead they aim to capture the little details and in such a way that just looking at the photos you feel as if you’re right back there on your wedding day.

Jordi Tudela

Having studied Film, Dramaturgy, Audiovisual Arts as well as Photography, you can count on Jordi to produce some of the most original wedding photos imaginable. Bit by bit he began to realise that his real passion was photographing weddings and has since honed his skills to an impressive level. Keen to avoid presenting you with a stereotypical wedding album, Jordi aims to impress and surprise his clients with his innovative yet popular style of photography.

Padilla & Rigau

“We’ve been based in a studio on La Rambla del Poblenou for a couple of year now, right in the centre of one of Barcelona’s most creative boroughs and right next to the sea”. For this company, each wedding is different and is equally as special as the last. With this in mind, Padilla & Rigau pride themselves on their ability to adapt their skills to any type of event and aim to produce a highly original and natural selection of photographs at the end of it all.

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