The 11 Most Popular Wedding Styles: Don't Miss Out!

Stylistic weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and many couples are moving away from traditional celebration in favour of bespoke ideas and styles. In this article we’ll let you in on the most popular trends and wedding styles this season, so you can host an original, yet stylish wedding day.

  1. Minimalism
  2. Boho Style
  3. Urban Chic
  4. Rustic
  5. Classic
  6. Industrial
  7. Thematic
  8. Abroad
  9. Pin-up
  10. Eco
  11. Wedding For 2
Photo: Марго Ермолаева


The style of “minimalism” implies simplicity, conciseness, elegance in everything: in design and decor, in concept and style, and in the photos of the bride and groom. Pay your attention to studios and restaurants with minimal decor, high ceilings, panoramic windows, light walls, open and light space. Pay special attention to the lighting (it should be natural) and also, you should stay away from large chandeliers.

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Photo: InBloom
Photo: Antonova Kseniya

Boho Style

Some wedding professionals believe that the boho style has already outlived itself, because after several years of frantic popularity, the style began to be associated with something already bring and almost banal. But this is absolutely not the case. The boho style is not only a design style, but a lifestyle. This is a combination of many-sided aspects of life, including your ability to sincerely express your emotions and to think deeply, to combine different textures and to destroy stereotypes.

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Photo: Ayeh Khalatbari
Photo: Ayeh Khalatbari
Photo: Amy and Stuart Photography
Photo: Анна Чудова

Urban Chic

As soon as the sun and temperatures rise a little higher, weddings tend to be closer to nature – many couples travel away from the city rush to celebrate their special day in the open air and maybe closer to the water. But there are those who are attached to the noise of the streets and the height of high-rise buildings, who are fascinated by urban aesthetics and culture. If you and your chosen one are as such, then you will definitely like the style of urban chic.

Photo: Марго Ермолаева


By defining the concept of celebration at the initial stage of the organisation you can save time. Rustic wedding can be organised at any time of the year, so take note, first of all, to the versatility of this style. It is also worth noting that proximity to nature is one of the most important conditions for a rustic wedding, and in our latitudes in nature it is pleasant to be mostly in the warm season.

Photo: Агабабян Виталий
Photo: Агабабян Виталий


A classic-style wedding is a tribute to traditions in a modern interpretation. Classic suggests a single colour scheme in the decor, when the celebration is made in white and gold tones, pink and green become bright accents. Traditional elements of decor: symbolic arch, made of flowers, greenery, small balls; floral compositions in high crystal vases. For decoration textiles, which are draped in a special way, candelabra, additional accessories, floral compositions can be used. It has become a trend to place arrangements of natural flowers at all levels of the site: the ceiling, walls, window openings.

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Photo: Татьяна Малышева
Фотограф: Владимир Петров
Photo: Владимир Петров


This style is completely original for the 21st century. The main elements here will be metal, brick, the same pipes and generally industrial aesthetics. First of all, I want to immediately indicate that industrial aesthetics does not necessarily rest on the metal. For example, the decor studio Ananas used dark wood for industrial style photography.

Photo: Good Wings
Photo: Good Wings


Every couple wants their wedding day to be unforgettable. For couples who wish to abandon the classical traditions and make their wedding celebration unusual and creative, you should opt for a themed wedding. “Last season themed weddings were few, so the Scottish wedding is definitely one of the favourites. The idea was embodied in the decor, and in some traditions, and, of course, in the images of the newlyweds”, says Margarita Ladova, a representative of the wedding agency Skazka Project.

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Skazka Project
Photo: Skazka Project
Cacá Santoro Photography
Photo: Cacá Santoro Photography


If you have wandered about hosting your wedding abroad, then be prepared to put in the extra work, but to get the most beautiful results. Destination weddings are perfect for those who want an intimate wedding, but also for those who want their wedding album to capture the beauty of both the landscapes and their guests. If you’re wandering exactly how to go about it, we have a number if articles written just for you! Take a look here.

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Photo: Организатор: Свадебное агентство The Global Wedding
Photo: Studio Victorias – свадьбы в Португалии


A pin-up wedding is a stylish and colourful event! A pin-up wedding is associated by most people with the brilliance of America in the 40s and 50s of the twentieth century. Pin-up posters were very popular, and you can use them when decorating the space. Note that the interior of the roadside cafe in red and white colours and a retro car of lemon colour successfully complements your thematic celebration.

Photo: Ирина Черепанова
Photo: Anne Robert via One fab day


The name eco style comes from the Greek word “eikos”, which means house or dwelling, the term “ecology” also originated from the same word. The basic concept of Eco style is to bring people closer to nature. The colour range that defines eco style is natural colours and shades, such as: green, blue, and also shades of brown, grey and beige.

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Photo: Antonova Kseniya
Photo: Antonova Kseniya

Wedding For 2

Newlyweds may choose the format of the wedding “only together,” but this does not at all mean that one should refrain from the services of wedding professionals, or forget about preparation for the celebration. Regardless of the number of guests, the day of the wedding celebration does not lose its solemnity, because the main characters are you. Wedding for two: when the whole world is just for you!

Photo: Марго Ермолаева
Photo: Марго Ермолаева

We draw your attention to two main aspects: concept and idea. Provided that you work through these two points that are fundamental for any wedding celebration, your wedding day is sure to be a success. Follow our Instagram page for daily inspiration!

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