Mike Megaro DJ: When Music Engages Every Element Of A Wedding.

Mike Megaro DJ will be the music mastermind of your wedding day. He will play the tunes you and your guests love to create an unforgettable event.

Mike Megaro DJ: When Music Engages Every Element Of A Wedding.
Mike Megaro DJ
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Music is the only passage

that unites the abstract with the concrete.

– Antonin Artaud

Music revolves around us. It is part of our body, our soul. It can transform abstract concepts into concrete facts. It is capable of crystallising emotions in time and space. It is a constant flow of notes and harmonies, of sounds and words, which merge into a complex mix, creating perfection. So, evidently, music will be a fundamental element on your wedding day. Only a great artist like Mike Megaro DJ will be able to use music to co-ordinate all the main elements of your big day. And more importantly, he will discuss the musical genres and songs that you would like to accompany you down the altar…

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Mike Megaro DJ

Individuality Dominates Weddings By Mike Megaro DJ

Mike Megaro DJ is a boy from Salerno who has made it. A tireless worker, an eclectic artist, a person with a big heart and instinctive empathy. In a short time, he has managed to carve out a place among the best DJs in Campania for his signature style, his know how, and the passion he puts in every event, regardless of size. Because every event, especially weddings, made by Mike are produced in a meticulous manner, with intricate detail and total heart and mind.

The skill of Mike Megaro DJ lies in knowing how to synchronize his work with all the elements of your wedding. For example, matching his music wisely with that of other singers, musicians and speakers present during the event to create the perfect musical accompaniment, from the appetizer to the party, through the cutting of the cake and all the dynamic pauses. Mike Megaro DJ will help you with the audio and light services: the music, therefore, will match perfectly with the lights to create a perfect game of co-ordinated elements to delight all your friends and family.

saveMike Megaro DJFind out more about Mike Megaro DJ
Mike Megaro DJ

In addition, Mike Megaro DJ has compassion on his side. You only need to get him in direct contact with his modus operandi, and thanks to active listening Mike will be able to create a soundtrack based on your tastes, dreams, and desires, going through the songs that have made your history, the world, and your love! With an always up to date music sample book and a state-of-the-art system, Mike will always guarantee the best result. Working with Mike will not only ensure the best song for every moment, but also a mesmerising display of special effects and technical set-ups to impress friends and relatives!

Individuality will shine through on your big day. He will provide young and friendly music for a fun but always elegant and tasteful wedding, where pure joy will be the undeniable main element. Mike Megaro DJ is waiting for you to create the playlist of your big day together: ready to boogie with him?

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