'Love is always love': The perfect gay marriage as told by an expert photographer

Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you – Loretta Young. 

We can’t help who we fall in love with, and despite some people’s negative views, gay love exists and it always will! If only everyone could grasp the magnitude of love between two people of the same sex, the world would be a better place. Capturing such a pure and beautiful love story requires a true artist who is discreet yet effective, and Gaetano D’Auria is certainly that! With experience capturing the weddings of gay couples throughout Europe, he is without a doubt the best photographer for your wedding day. We’ve asked him about his experience as a photographer and for his thoughts on a perfect gay wedding…

1. There are of course people who are in favour of gay marriage, and those who are against. We think that gay marriage is no different than any other type of marriage as it is based on love! What’s your opinion?

This is a really good question, and a subject that is quite important to me! I am, and have always been in favor of civil partnerships and gay marriage. Personally I think, and I think it is only right that our system recognizes by law, the union of two people of the same sex who love each other and who want to form their family in the same way as any heterosexual couple. Gay people are no different that any one else, they are couples who have been together for many years, who have been discriminated against in the different phases of their lives, who pay taxes like all other law-abiding citizens and should therefore be given the right to marry as they please…

2. How do you feel when photographing a gay wedding? What is the atmosphere like? Tell us about your experiences throughout Europe!

Myself and my partner have filmed two gay marriages abroad. On both occasions, Mirella took care of the photography, and I think videography. The first gay marriage we photographed was way back in 2013 in the north of France, and the second was just last year in Zurich, Switzerland.  In both cases it was a really crazy event, but not because I was documenting a wedding between two women, but because of the air that you breathe when you’re in a different country from yours. For example Lille is a city that I recommend to visit! It is located in the heart of Europe and makes you really feel like a European citizen. But back to us, the wedding in France was definitely the most moving wedding I’ve ever shot in my life. I often watch this video back and each time I feel that thrill! I recommend watching it for those of you who love the documentary type of video, it was shot with a single 35mm lens (which was trendy for 2013!)

In Zurich, however it was a very different wedding.We shot much more romantic images of the two brides on the lake. It was truly breathtaking scenery. Before dinner there were drinks in a very chic location: the wedding took place in April, but it felt like July being by the sea. It really was a wonderful experience that I will carry with me always.

The two couples were also very different from each other. The couple from Zurich were a young couple, while the French couple were older and had two children. For both, the wedding was perfect way to express their love for one another. Personally I think that for the French couple it was the conquest of a much-needed and long-awaited law. For the two Swiss girls, however, it was a solid starting point for their life together. They were two couples who reflect completely different generations.

3. Three characteristics of a perfect gay wedding…

A perfect wedding does not exist, each wedding is original and unique. That said, I believe that the three necessary elements for the perfect gay wedding (and any wedding really) are; surrounding yourself with your nearest and dearest. Invite only your closest friends and family who genuinely appreciate your love, and not just perople who are curious about what a gay wedding is like! Choosing the right photographer is also a very important point. Your photographer should not intrude in any way on your big day. They must be discreet and be able to beautifully tell your love story. And last but not least, love! Love is of course the key to any happy marriage.

Gaetano D'Auria Studio
Gaetano D’Auria Studio

A huge thanks to Gaetano DÁuria for sharing his wonderful experiences with us. Marriage is the greatest experience of all, and although the journey may be an uphill battle, once you get there the view is truly unique!

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