Looking For A Quirky, Bespoke Wedding? Hire A Photographer To Match With Fotoshoot Productions

Photoshoot Productions are a special kind of business who, thanks to their years of experience, know exactly how to put on a successful wedding day!

Looking For A Quirky, Bespoke Wedding? Hire A Photographer To Match With Fotoshoot Productions
Photoshoot Productions
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When it comes to selecting the photographer for your wedding, you can easily become overwhelmed by the ample choices and styles on offer. Gone are the days when bridal couples would hire a local photographer who is perhaps a family friend, or someone they know personally. Thanks to wedding platforms such as Zankyou, couples are now able to admire and hire wedding suppliers from all of the world, which means it has become easier than ever before to find a wedding photographer whose style suits yours to a T.

Jean-Jaques is a photographer who recognises that their style is a little different from most wedding photographers. Since the early 90s, Jean-Jacques has been fascinated by the power of photography to portray a story or scene. Since his early career as a photographer, he was always interested in wedding photography, and in 2011, he devoted most of his working time to taking and creating beautiful photography for special brides and grooms.

Speaking with Jean-Jacques, he tells us that he developed a style which was very different to the standard photography trend. “I like doing things with light, movements, quirky angles, reflections, symmetry. But mainly, I control light or “play” with light in order to create original photos. I particularly enjoy doing silhouettes, cast shadows, pictures which will make you think, subtle, which conveys a message or double meaning”, he says. All of this you can see in his remarkable gallery. But the main inspiration for his photography is the relationship between the couple. When there is magic between people, there is magic on the photos. It’s inspiring and easy. Also, placing light is another way to create magic. “Light is the most important element. The way we place light dramatically changes a photo and this is what I try to do on a shooting. I’m lucky that my wife works with me and help with lights. We work with 1 or 2 flash and we place them in a way to create impactful photos”.

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A big aspect of, and reason for, a bride or groom’s anxiety before the big day, is the fear of ‘what if something goes wrong?!’. Jean-Jacques acknowledges that things can always go wrong on occasion, but this is where experiences becomes prevalent. He says that the “the biggest challenges comes when technology does not work like expected. The flash trigger suddenly does not work or the flash doesnot fire at the correct power, the exposure is wrong, the camera does not focus like it should, etc, etc… Those things happen. This is why I have everything in double or in triple.”

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Photoshoot Productions is based in Mauritius, but is available to travel elsewhere. This creative and original professional refers to his exerience, and his number of International awards received to showcase his wonderful imagery. What’s more, Jean-Jacques and his team are multi-lingual and have spent year curating a business that is approachable for couples from cultures different to his own, as well as different styles of weddings, including religious weddings, of which he has enjoyed hosting many. Take a look at Fotoshoot Productions’ photo gallery and get in touch!

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