How To Choose Your Destination Wedding Photographer In 3 Simple Steps

There’s lots to think about when it comes to destination weddings: the location, the venue, the accommodation, the transport. Often, with so much to organise, other smaller factors are not priorities. But, when making the effort to jet off to a beautiful destination for an unforgettable wedding, you should have photography up there as a priority. This way, you can have all the unique moments in gorgeous places captured and preserved by a photographic lens, and your special memories will never fade.

Choosing a photographer abroad is not always easy. Sometimes, they won’t speak the same language as you, and it’s hard to know the best ones out there. So, we’ve come up with some simple steps to enable you to pick the photographer that’s right for you, no matter where you choose to have your destination wedding.

  1. Check out the available photographers
  2. Consider your preferred style
  3. Meet/talk to a few photographers

1. Check out the available photographers in your chosen location

It goes without saying. Although there are many talented photographers here in the UK that would LOVE to travel with you to photograph your wedding abroad, it is often cheaper and easier to find one that is already located in your destination. All this requires is some research. Luckily, Zankyou has an online presence in 24 countries, so we have an incredibly large network of photographers all over the world that you can choose from. Simply google ‘Zankyou Spain’ or ‘Zankyou Italy’ and it will take you to our foreign sites (Ireland, India, Mexico, Colombia, France, Germany, Holland, Brazil, Portugal, United States… to name a few) with large directories of photographers across the country.

In your search, you will often come across photographers who are specialised in destination weddings and are willing to go anywhere in the country. José, Catarina and Rogério, of It’s All About, are photographers in Portugal who will do just this. Once you’ve chosen your incredible Portuguese venue and location, they’ll be there to capture it all, with a natural and candid aesthetic.

Operating in Tuscany, Italy, Giacomo Checcucci is another photographer with great experience working for foreign couples on their destination weddings. Tuscany offers incredible locations for fairytale weddings, such as the city of Florence and the picturesque town Certaldo, which this photographer knows like the back of his hand. Expect him to incorporate the beauty of the Italian landscape, as well as the natural emotions of your big day, into one special photo album. 

2. Consider your preferred style

There are so many different styles and themes for weddings, and many different photography styles too, so it makes sense to choose a photographer that can adapt to your preferred style. Some photographers are talented when it comes to posed portraits and artistic shots, and others operate with a documentary/photo journalism style – telling the story of your day as naturally and as candidly as possible. It’s important to understand your own preferences, so that you really fall in love with your wedding photos and want to look at them time and time again.

For photography in Portugal that is relaxed and natural, Rui Teixeira should be your point of call.  This family business consists of a talented videographer and photographer, having one many national photography awards, and Zankyou International Wedding Awards (ZIWA 2017). Their photojournalistic style and friendly approach makes them very popular among destination wedding couples.

Book your photographer
Rui Teixeira Wedding Photography
Book your photographer
Rui Teixeira Wedding Photography

Alternatively, Helder Couto is an artistic photographer with an elegant and romantic aesthetic. Working wonders with portraits and emotional shots, this photographer has a stunning portfolio, and has also won photography awards in Portugal. In order to get the most out of your stunning Portuguese wedding location, and all the special moments that make up your destination wedding, Helder is definitely one to trust.

3. Meet/talk to a few photographers – a good relationship is key!

Before deciding on your photographer, it’s advisable to speak to a few first. This way you can get to know the way each of them work, and how willing they are to meet your needs or adapt to your style. Planning a wedding abroad may mean that a face-to-face consultation is not possible, but most photographers will be willing to chat to you via Skype or telephone before you officially book their services.

Feeling comfortable around your photographer makes for the best shots. You should see them as a friend rather than an employee, which makes the first consultation even more important. If they’re not right for you, you will know within the first 10 minutes!

One of our favourite destination wedding photographers in Italy is Sebastiano Longano, of Studio Fotografico Longano. He seems to have a unique ability to make brides and grooms feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed, allowing him to capture emotions in their most spontaneous moments, creating joyful images to last a lifetime. An approachable and friendly photographer makes for a happy and stress-free couple on their wedding day!

If you follow these simple steps, and do your research, then finding a photographer in your destination wedding location should be much easier. A local photographer will better know the area than one who has travelled with you from home, and will probably give you a better price. Your style and your preferences are also the most important thing to consider, as it’s YOUR wedding, so make sure you and your photographer have a great relationship of mutual understanding!

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