Floral hair accessories to make you that every bit an angelic bride in 2016

Looking to add that extra special fashionable trending touch to your bridal outfit, something cute for the flower girls or romantic for the bridesmaids then take a look at these complimenting accessories that perfectly finish any look.

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As times have evolved, so have many bridal fashion trends! Now it’s important to be different, stand out and set your own fashion status. However not all trends are for everyone and so there is always room to adapt and recreate an idea, making it a wedding fashion statement bespoke to you!

Included in this fashion realm are wedding accessories that can include anything such as jewellery, handbags, shoes and floral decoration. Of course we are talking about the floral crown that brides and bridesmaids alike are sporting at the moment, turning any ‘normal’ hairstyle into something as diverse as shabby chic, rustic vintage or romantic angelic.

There are more wedding parties that are opting for this elegant, simple yet effective accessory that can compliment and finish any wedding outfit. The accessory lifts the wedding photos, adds an awe of cuteness to the flower girls and a fashionable finish to your bridesmaids!

The best thing about this floral addition is it can be made with real fresh flowers and then dried and pressed to be kept as a memory or it can be made from artificial flowers that will last forever and ever and if you wish you can even spray them with perfume or a floral scent to add to the effect.

Love your hair as much as you do the rest of the small details on your day and dress yourself, your bridesmaids and or flower girls with a floral crown to add that extra special touch to complete the look!

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