Hiring a Videographer: Is It a Must?

We all know that having a wedding photographer is an absolute must - but what about a videographer? Is it an unnecessary expense, or a vital part of your big day? (Hint: it's definitely the later!)

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Having a professional photographer present at your wedding is something that we here at Zankyou have been recommending to all brides and grooms for nearly a decade now. Indeed, it is vital to have someone making a record of your big day so that you can look back on it for the rest of your lives as a married couple, and truly remember one of the special days of your lives. However, in recent years, the practice of having someone make a video of your wedding has grown in popularity.


When we say a video, we do not mean that old 90s tradition of taping the entire wedding, and then inviting the family around to sit and watch the recording of the ceremony and reception for 3 hours. Modern wedding videography actually refers to short films – varying in length from four minutes to forty, dependent on the person or company that you hire – that compile the most important moments of the day into palatable videos that you can share with family and friends, and on social media too.

Videography is not intended to replace the photographer, but rather to complement their work, and to ensure that couples have the best resources available to commemorate all the effort that went into planning the wedding. However, you may find yourself wondering whether videography is worth the additional costs – if you already have a photographer, why do you need your wedding on tape too? Well read on, and discover just why having a videographer at your wedding is an essential!

Very versatile 

The best thing about video is that it is an incredibly versatile medium, and far more moveable than photography which, whilst essential, can only capture snapshots of a moment instead of the moment itself. Videos pick up on all of the details that photos miss, allowing for the recording of motions and movements – we have to admit, it’s rare that photographs of dancing at the evening do are either flattering or fun to look at!

Instead of having to try and remember jokes from the speeches, the specific words in your partners’ vows, or the way you felt when you finally got to say “I do”, simply watch it happen in front of you. We promise you won’t regret having these beautiful moments recorded forever!

Easy to share

One of the best things about hiring a wedding videographer is that their work, whilst complex and layered and often visually stunning, is limited to minutes. Whilst you can spend hours poring over wedding photographs trying to choose the ones you like most, videographers are highly skilled at choosing the most emotive events to include so that you can experience it all in under ten minutes.

This is particularly important for sharing your wedding with other people! Close family will love to have this video to remember your big day with fondness, and your loved ones who weren’t able to attend will be able to live the magic of your wedding even weeks after the big day. Videos last forever, and therefore so will your memories…

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Emotional journey

Like we already mentioned, one of the perks of videography is that you can record entire segments of the wedding and watch them all over again. Though styles vary from provider to provider, the majority of videographers include highlights from the speeches in their videos, and these can be incredibly emotional to watch back again, especially when overlaid with footage from the ceremony. Indeed, during your wedding it is a very common occurrence to miss the important moments out of nerves or just being simply overwhelmed by emotion.

By hiring a videographer, you can feel secure in the knowledge that even if you space out for a minute, or forget something beautiful said by a parent or best friend, you will be able to reflect on it in the future. Also, and this is coming from a team who have seen hundreds of wedding videos, they are designed to pull at your heart strings! Break out the tissues because you will probably be in tears by the end of it…

An innovative process

Videographers have been getting more creative with how they capture your big day on tape in recent years, and the surge in popularity of drones, for example, have massively expanded their ability to record your wedding. The use of drones by wedding videographers has been a stroke of inspiration – these machines can fly over your venue, capturing every exquisite detail and providing enviable shots of the backdrop to your ceremony.

Non-intrusive, and highly creative, drones are just one of the tools videographers are choosing to use that both yield results and save time. You don’t have to spend an hour of your wedding standing around and posing for family photographs, when instead you can have the whole wedding party recorded in seconds to be remembered forever.

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Substance and style

Professional wedding videographers know how to make you and your wedding look fantastic (not that you and it didn’t in the first place!). A good videographer not only records from the right angles during the wedding, but knows how to edit to perfection. And whether you want a dramatic retelling, a humorous one, or just a romantic reflection of the most important day of your life, they will be able to deliver to you a meaningful film that is polished and stylish.

The use of music means that these videos are highly personal too – a lot of the time you can choose to have “your song” used in the background! Hiring a videographer means you can not only remember your wedding, but have it look incredible too.

A forever keepsake 

And finally, perhaps the most meaningful reason to hire a videographer is that you can keep the end result forever. One of the loveliest aspects of a wedding is that it brings together all of the people that you love and cherish to one space on one day – but some guests, such as beloved grandparents, may not still be there for the next wedding in the family. By having your wedding recorded, you will be able to watch them, and hear them forever – long after they have gone.

These videos can be passed on through the family, and shown to your children and their children, who may never have had the chance to meet some of the people you loved the most. One of the marvels of technology is that is allows us to remember in a much more meaningful and coherent way – and this is particularly true for a wedding, which are always over in the blink of an eye.

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So don’t waste any time, and start looking for your dream wedding videographer today! Check out our favorites in our directory, and don’t miss out!


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