Five fab ideas to make your 2016 wedding unique!

Ensure your wedding is one to remember with these unique ideas for your 2016 wedding!

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Your wedding is essentially the biggest party you will ever throw, and after months of planning you hardly want your big day to be run of the mill. So to achieve the kind of unique, unforgettable wedding your friends and family will be raving about for years to come, include the following 5 ideas. We guarantee your guests will be throwing around the words pretty and fabulous, when talking about your day at the next wedding they are invited to!

Invitations and Stationary


Your guest will RSVP in record time If you go for seriously inviting stationary. It’s the first glimpse you give your nearest and dearest as to what they can expect from your big day. To give the right impression, think outside the box. So your budget doesn’t allow for bespoke invitations from an award winning supplier? We hear you. Try doing your own thing, think quirky DIY designs.

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Pocketful of Dreams

The Decor

The decor for your wedding day is an opportunity to inject a bit of your personality into proceedings, instantly making your day every bit you and unforgettable. Add some special touches such as a laser cut calligraphy cake topper, make it extra meaningful by naming your tables instead of numbering them or incorporating photos into your decor to add that finishing touch. How about DIY table scatter using pics of you and your beau?

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My Beautiful Bride
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Captiv8 photography
saveMy Beautiful Bride Learn more about “My Beautiful Bride ”
My Beautiful Bride

Floral Dresses

Traditionally bridesmaids all don the same colour, but we figured some rules are made to be broken. How about putting your own spin on things? Your girl squad doesn’t have to be matchy matchy or in block colours. Go for a fresh take by sticking to the same shade of colour but mixing textures and silhouettes, trust us your maids will love you that bit more for considering their personal style. Dare to be different by channelling the enchanted garden vibe, we say go for printed floral dresses. Flower power is trending and it’s no surprise that florist are in on it. Check out Lisa of Victoria’s floral emporium and her bridesmaid looking blooming gorgeous.

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Candid and Frank Photography

Dessert tables

After throwing some serious shapes on the dance floor you could do with a snack a two and so could your guests. Sweet buffet tables can be styled according to your theme and provide your guest with extra choice which is always appreciated. The wedding cake is no longer the be all end all part of your menu. The options are endless. You could even go for a savoury table if you haven’t got much of a sweet tooth, after all it is your day! Or how about a food truck? We love the idea of an ice cream truck with a world of toppings to choose from!

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Pocketful of Dreams
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Steve Grogan Photography

Wedding Favours

Pretty and sweet wedding favours are all good but the more thoughtful and practical they are the more memorable they’ll be. Your guest will be so impressed they’ll definitely be sending out their own custom made thank you cards! Think about what you’d like as a favour because you really don’t want your guest leaving your’s on the table. Bespoke soaps, a donation to a charity that you support, flats for when the ladies have had enough of their dancing shoes or even some gourmet snacks are all crowd pleasers.

savePocketful of DreamsLearn more about “Pocketful of Dreams”
Pocketful of Dreams

So there you have it, making your special day unique and memorable isn’t as difficult as you may think. By paying extra attention to the important details you will ensure your guest have the time of their lives on your big day!

Feature Image: My Beautiful Bride, Capitiv8 Photography and Pocketful of Dreams.

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