How to Manage your Budget without Neglecting the Important Details: Top Tips from Rock My Love

“Have you just got engaged? After a happy marriage proposal, the excitement, the announcement to loved ones… now what? Where even to begin? This is usually when the bride or groom comes to us for help”, explain Manon and Angelique, the two Rock My Love wedding planners. According to them, the ideal time to start planning a wedding is between 10 and 14 months in advance, it allows time for choosing your venue and various providers, a key element to managing your budget!

We have interviewed these Rock My Love experts on all things budgeting – read on for top tips!

What wedding planning factors should you start with?

“Our first bit of advice is to not jump into booking a venue before you have asked yourself the following questions:

1. How many guests? On average, you can usually count on 20% of those invited not being able to make it (although this will be more if your guests are coming from abroad);

2. What is your total budget?

3. What style do you want? Rustic, natural, beach, traditional, princess fairytale etc… Once you have your maximum budget in mind, let your wedding planners know your priorities so that they can meet them accurately!

Photo : ©19 RivoliLearn more about “Photo : ©19 Rivoli”
Photo : ©19 Rivoli

How to prioritise:

“What matters for you the most? The quality of the food, the decoration of the venue or the musical atmosphere? For all of these you can do your research with online providers: request quotes from photographers, caterers, DJs and so on, comparing them to your budget. Remember that what is likely to cost the most is the venue and the catering, closely followed by your all-important wedding dress. Divide your budget according to these categories and to what you consider the most important, after all, its your special day. Then, if you do this carefully, you won’t become disappointed about not being able to afford your dream venue due to spending too much on your photographer or DJ, and miscalculating your budget”

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Photo : ©Caught the light

…And if you have fallen in love with a venue that might explode your budget?

“There will always be a way around it… choosing the venue of your dreams will mean you feel the need to spend less money on decoration, and you could even go for a minimalist but elegant look. Alternatively, settle for a venue below your expectations but decorate it to suit your style and to make your day feel just as special.

For decoration, if you are creative and talented, then we highly recommend DIY – there is nothing more charming than your own personal touch about the place. Be careful though, you cannot possibly do everything yourself… the flowers, for example, can be left to the professionals to make your day as beautiful as possible.”

Photo :©Chris Barber Photography  Learn more about “Photo :©Chris Barber Photography ”
Photo :©Chris Barber Photography

Finding the right venue: what other questions should I ask myself?

“With regards to the venue cost, you must pay attention to the ‘extras’ that aren’t included in the original price.  As yourself worthwhile questions: from what time will providers have access to the venue for setting up? At what time the next day must everything be taken down? From what time can guests start arriving? How long into the night can the party go on for?

These questions may seem very logistical, but they are, in fact, also crucial to your budgeting. For example, if the venue must be completely cleared by 7am the following morning, then your providers must come at something like 6am to take everything away, which of course incurs a cost. “

Photo : ©Chris Barber Photography Learn more about “Photo : ©Chris Barber Photography ”
Photo : ©Chris Barber Photography

Don’t panic!

“Do. Not. Worry. There are so many things to think about, so many things to organise, and many variables of wedding planning that depend on your choice, and more importantly, your budget. This is all normal. Here at Rock My Love, we hold consultations for up to 3 hours to ensure we fully listen to our clients, and plan their wedding as best we can according to their budget and their desires. Some advice: talk to all of your providers! Your photographers, caterers, DJ, venue… they are knowledgeable about weddings and will be happy to advise you.”

Photo : © Bruno MayorLearn more about “Photo : © Bruno Mayor”
Photo : © Bruno Mayor

If you are hoping to get married in beautiful France, Angélique and Manon from Rock My Love will be happy to help you every step of the way. With them you can be at ease during the organisation progress, say goodbye to stress and hello to the perfect wedding!

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