Chalkboard Wedding Cakes: 2017's Hottest Edible Trend!

The chalkboard cake is the newest Wedding Cake trend for 2017! Check out our selection and get inspired for your big day!

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Chalkboard cakes, also known as cake slabs, are covered with black fondant icing and later painted with a kind of edible chalk. They are versatile cakes, easily incorporated into any wedding style – from rustic to the most refined!

saveFoto: Kvalitné Torty
Photo: Kvalitné Torty

The bride and groom should imagine their cake as a blank canvas and come up with inspirational phrases and designs, or use the lyrics of a song that has great meaning to them. That way they can create a completely personalised cake that will draw sighs from all the guests. Check out the variations of this successful and fun trend!

saveFoto: The Wedding Place
Photo: The Wedding Place

Mini Cakes

Perfect for mini-weddings, they can be beautified with delicate painted designs and romantic phrases that match the theme and decoration of the big day! They can be part of a composition of a trio of cakes, or left as a single tier showstopper.

saveFoto: Eureka Photography
Photo: Eureka Photography
saveFoto: Ink and Cleaver
Photo: Ink and Cleaver


An absolute success in country marriages, both in Europe and the US. Decorate your cake with flowers, twigs and fruits that add a rustic and natural-looking feel to you big day. The personalisation of the texts and drawings is done in a looser way, using freehand and simple fonts and illustrations that depict elements linked to nature.

saveFoto: Artisan Cake Company
Photo: Artisan Cake Company
saveAteliê Simone Amaral. Foto: divulgaçãoLearn more about “Ateliê Simone Amaral”
Photo: Ateliê Simone Amaral


These cakes have a sleek and refined appearance, decorated with metallic paints and sophisticated flower arrangements done with flowers such as roses, lilies and peonies or even sugar flowers. The brushstrokes of the texts and drawings are delicate and precise, and can follow the same theme used in the reception decoration!

saveFoto: Artisan Cake Company
Photo: Artisan Cake Company
saveRosa Pétala - Ateliê de Bolos. Foto: divulgaçãoLearn more about “Rosa Pétala - Ateliê de Bolos”
Photo: Rosa Pétala – Ateliê de Bolos


The retro or vintage style is gaining space in brides’ hearts because it nods to a romantic wedding that can be easily customised with family heirlooms with a lot of history behind them. Following this idea, the cake can be decorated with song lyrics or poems that have a great deal of sentimental value to the couple.

saveFoto: Cake Chooser
Photo: Cake Chooser


Couples looking for innovative decoration at their reception can bet on this stylish and sophisticated alternative! The cakes come with a faded look made with white chalk and can be finished with other colours, like gold and silver! The décor should follow the wedding theme and use elements that harmonise with the environment!

saveFoto: Betsi Ewing Studio
Photo: Betsi Ewing Studio
saveFoto: 100 Layer Cake
Photo: 100 Layer Cake

A Touch of Colour

In addition to white chalk, the designer has the option of using edible dyes of various colours for the paint, giving a touch of colour to the cake. The couple can also coordinate their reception decoration to the colours used in the decoration of the cake to bring everything together.

saveFoto: Jaynee Cakes
Photo: Jaynee Cakes
saveFoto: Artisan Cake Company
Photo: Artisan Cake Company


An interesting way to decorate the chalkboard cake is to alternate it with layers of cakes of different colours and shapes, creating a contrast that is interesting for the palate and the eye. The couple can also opt for the black and white duo – always sophisticated – or use pastel shades and even vibrant colours, creating a very original and contemporary look!

saveFoto: GK Photography
Photo: GK Photography
saveFoto: Weddbook
Photo: Weddbook
savemislene cabralLearn more about “Mislene Cabral”
Photo: Mislene Cabral

Let us know your thoughts on chalkboard cakes. Is it something you’d consider for your wedding?

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