Top Luxury Wedding Pastry and Cake Trends for 2019

Wedding cakes are one of the best bits of the wedding - both for tasting and for looking at! Cake decoration is hugely important - so check out what's popular in the luxury cake industry for 2019!

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Named as one of the Top 8 Wedding Cake Designers in the UK, The Frostery – an amazing luxury cake company located in Cheshire – leads the way year after year in determining upcoming trends for wedding cakes. And this is no different as we move into 2019! If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding for next year, and you’re approaching the time when you need to hire a baker to make your dream wedding cake, then you really need not look any further than The Frostery – scroll their latest work in our gallery to see for yourself!


The Frostery are nationally recognised for their impressive tiered-structures, intricate sugar work, and immense attention to detail. And whilst if you’re looking for a naked wedding cake (one of the top trends for 2018!) you won’t have much luck here, if you want extravagance and that definite “wow” factor, then you’re definitely with the right people! A lot of their focus goes into traditional designs, using pastel colours and working with floral elements of decoration – however, for 2019 it seems that colorful fondant is going to be popular. Check out the green/gold cake for inspiration!

If you’re planning an upscale or traditional wedding, then you cannot wrong with choosing The Frostery for your wedding cake. And if you’re organising an alternative ceremony and reception, then they are also a fantastic option – the black fondant cake in this gallery shows their ability to branch into different styles! For your 2019 wedding, choose classic three-tier cakes in pastel tones – or push the boat out and try something in a bold colour that your guests will not forget!

Alternatively, when it comes to the savoury baked goods at your wedding, lets not forget the trend of wedding pies.

If you love pastry, then we’re sure you must have tried a Pieminister pie from your local supermarket. But have you ever considered them for your wedding catering? Since 2004 they have been offering a truly unique wedding catering service from their Bristol kitchens. They can provide pies for your wedding breakfast, as well as mouthwatering canapes, starters, puddings and even buffet food! A perfect option if you love warming and hearty British food. 

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Top Luxury Wedding Pastry and Cake Trends for 2019