How To Decorate Your Autumn Wedding In 5 Steps

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year to get married. Although it is true that the weather is not the best, there are many things that make for a beautiful wedding day; the colours, the settings and the unique venues. At a decorative level, it can greatly improve any wedding and, financially, it is also full of advantages when celebrated in the low season. From here, you can do everything to get a beautiful and affordable wedding, just follow these five steps!

1. Make The Most of The Weather

2. Hire A Venue With History

3. Choose A Style That Suits You

4. Use Autumnal Accessories

5. Include Show-Stopping Details

1.Make The Most of The Weather

One of our favourite parts about autumn is the colours. As the leaves change from green to brown, red and orange, we begin to enjoy staying inside in front of the fire looking out of our windows. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Now imagine getting married to your love with those beautiful colours in the background.

Don’t rule out an outdoor wedding; if you’re brave enough to invite your guests to a slightly cooler outdoor wedding, go ahead, but make sure your autumn decor is something spectacular to look at!

Park Road Photography
Photo: Park Road Photography

2. Hire A Venue With History

For your big day you deserve to get a venue that blows us all away. If you’re looking for a place with personality, a historic space may be just the thing you need to impress your guests. Somewhere a little closer to nature to take full advantage of the season, such as an old convent, a castle, a rural house, or a farmhouse may be an interesting choice.

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3. Choose A Style That Suits You

Although we’re now in autumn, it doesn’t mean that a wedding has to be purely autumnal. What is true of any wedding preparation is that it must reflect the character and style of the lucky couple saying their ‘I do’s.

For 2018 and the next few years, boho chic will give way to boho folk, a trend that draws from tradition and informality, from nature, from the hippie and bohemian concept and from the enjoyment of life. It’s a very millennial style that we have seen in the cinema and in music, and that, of course, has moved now onto weddings with warm colours, different textures, ethnic prints, vintage decoration and plants. And for the icing on top of the cake, bands of music replacing DJ’s with fast and acoustic rhythms.

Photo: Laura Goldenberger
Carmen Grandal
Photo: Carmen Grandal

4. Use Autumnal Accessories

An autumn wedding usually has its own theme, as long as nature plays an important role. Therefore, the complements and decorative elements have to be related to this time of year, whether natural or artificial.

For this, the use of flower petals, twigs of trees, trunks, bark and nuts is very common scattered by aisles, tables, trays and dishes, increasing that autumnal style. And, this autumn, communion with nature will be much stronger than in previous years. Flowers and plants have an important role as they communicate with the colours and products of the season.

Carmen Grandal
Photo: Carmen Grandal
Kristina Lorraine Photography
Photo: Kristina Lorraine Photography

5. Include Show-stopping Details

Speaking of a general style within autumn weddings, there are furniture and small details that are perfect for a time like autumn. The colours are really important and should combine perfectly with those offered by nature and spaces. On this occasion, we offer you the silver, gold and pink as the best options for this year.

Photo: Brklyn View Photography

As for the furniture, stand out styles are the wood tables in different colours with tablecloths in pastel tones or even without anything to cover the original surfaces, something increasingly common at outdoor weddings… The chairs are varied and even disconnected, according to different styles, colours and decorations as in many current leisure venues.

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