63 Dresses for wedding guests in 2015

63 Dresses for wedding guests in 2015

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It’s not even the end of the year and I’ve already been invited to 3 weddings in 2015. The couples don’t all know each other, but with the fashion police that I like to call “social media” there is no way I could wear the same outfit three times and get away with it. This leaves me dreading finding different outfits for different occasions that I love equally.

Luckily for me, most bridal firms have their own line of occasion or cocktail wear, specifically created with wedding guests in mind. Made with the same amount of care and detail as goes into their bridal and bridesmaid designs, and the best thing about all of this is that you’ll no doubt look incredible in a designer dress. Many designers have presented perfect outfits for wedding guests on their 2015 catwalk collections and we want to show you some of our favourites.

Long dresses, short dresses, floaty, straight cut, simple designs or with detailed beading and embroidery… whatever style you prefer, you’ll be able to see it right here. Inspire yourself with these new 2015 collections that look to create a glam and sexy guest and more importantly will make you feel special, because without guests there wouldn’t be a fantastic wedding.

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