The urban couple: A wedding walk through the city of love

The urban couple: A wedding walk through the city of love

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How many times has a magnificent city backdrop been used for romantic scenes in the movies. Moulin Rouge, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sleepless in Seattle…

Whether you’re having an urban city wedding or not, why not get your photographer to capture those special first moments as a married couple with a walk around your home town. We’ve all seen pretty wedding photos of couples in parks, by a lake and in fields, but we think a city backdrop, particularly in the city you live in, is a truly magical thing. We take our home cities for granted. When was the last time you visited a tourist attraction or sat on the steps of a cathedral?

Why not get your wedding photographer to set up a special city photoshoot that doesn’t just take you to famous landmarks, but also your local train station by night, the museum where you had your first date or the park bench where you first said I love you.

Embrace your urban roots and try something a little unique and contemporary, just like these couples did.

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