Pastel Hues for your Bridesmaids

Pastel Hues for your Bridesmaids

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When it comes to bridesmaids there is no right and wrong. It’s a completely personal choice depending on your wedding colour scheme and theme. Long or short, heels or flats – the styles you can choose for your bridal party is endless. Also taking into consideration the season, time and location for your wedding. An evening wedding tends to be a more elegant event where bridesmaids in darker shades and even in elegant black are becoming more and more popular. A summer wedding will lend itself to strapless dresses in lighter fabrics.

Whatever you choose, there is no getting away from this season’s trend in pastels. From your table décor to your groom’s waistcoat, these light and summery tones are popping up everywhere and we love them! These colours instantly make you think of warmer months and outdoor weddings. Here are pretty pastel shots to inspire you. Enjoy!


Credits: Vicki Bartel Photohgraphy Robb Davidson Marlon Capuyan Katelyn James Jennefer Wilson Danielle Capito Closer to Love Photography Braun Photography B+E Photography Alixann Loosle

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