Discover The Beauty Of This Charming Estate In Alentejo Portugal

Herdade da Maroteira is located in the beautiful wine region Alentejo. This site is surrounded by beautiful Portuguese nature and allows you to discover the Portuguese culture in a romantic way.

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Herdade da Maroteira is a beautiful estate in Alentejo, Portugal that has been in the same Anglo-Portuguese family for five generations since the mid-19th century. The farm had focussed on producing livestock, olives and, cork for over 150 years. In 2000, the new manager decided to plant a vineyard which has proven to be a huge success. Nowadays, people can visit the farm for agro-tourism, cork tours, wine tasting and simply to enjoy the beautiful nature and rustic environment.


Maroteira does not offer you one, nor two but three types of accommodation to your wishing when you decide to stay the night. You can spend your night at The Cork Lodge, a private wooden lodge with the best views from all angles. You will be surrounded by the stunning cork forest and beautiful hills. Right in the middle of nature, this place is ideal for nature lovers, bird watchers, star gazers and hopeless romantics. Get ready to be amazed by the rustic surroundings and take a dive into the swimming pool whenever you want to.

Another option is to spend the night at the Main Farmhouse, which is already 200 years old, yet equipped with all modern facilities you may seek in any accommodation. Bigger than The Cork Lodge, this farmhouse has a large living room with an open fireplace included to spend endless romantic nights together. In times of long summer nights, you can enjoy the terrace with a grill and garden furniture. In addition, you also have the possibility to cool off as you will have access to the swimming pool with an amazing view.

As if choosing between these two wasn’t hard enough, they also created Til’s Cottage. This fully fitted independent cottage is converted but maintained the original style, making it an utter cute house with a Portuguese vibe. This cottage has the biggest space with a maximum capacity of five people. The living room also has a fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen as well. Similar to the Main Farmhouse, the accommodation has a terrace with a grill and garden furniture for you to cook meals outside or enjoy your morning coffee with a stunning view over Portuguese nature.


Portugal is a beautiful country. This is something we can confirm without a doubt. Not only the landscape will take your breath away, but also the culture and the people are things we can learn a lot from. Herdade da Maroteira is the perfect way to enjoy all the beauty and rich culture Portugal has to offer with a historic city, Evora  just 35 km away. This beautiful site is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and definitely worth a visit when you’re in the neighborhood.

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