Araba & Harvey's Wedding - live in the present and enjoy every moment of your life

During a difficult year for everyone, Araba and Harvey were able to find joy in 2020. A wedding where the love was intensified, as everyone cherished every minute spent on this perfect hopeful day.

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Araba and Harvey‘s wedding took place in the stunning location, Quinta Lagos dos Cisnes, Portugal. It was a truly beautiful day that touched all who attended, captured beautifully by It’s all about… with their flawless photography.

Here is a short report of the day:

The year of 2020 was undoubtedly a special year… It was a year full of challenges, of learning new lessons; about ourselves and about others. It made us realise how fragile life really is, and taught us to treasure the people we have in our lives even more, to love even more, and to take nothing for granted. Nothing in life is guaranteed, and it can be taken away at any moment, which is why we must live life to the fullest and live as presently as possible. No one could have prepared for what was to come in the year 2020. Many weddings were postponed to the following year, as couples did not wish to celebrate love in a time so bleak where loved ones were lost. However, for Araba and Harvey, it was an opportunity to grasp your loved ones and to be thankful that they are still here, to live with them in the present moment. The outcome – such an emotional and real wedding, never before seen. How they cried, they laughed, they danced… So many heart-felt moments as the two lovers exchanged their vows, whilst their guests exchanged hugs and beaming smiles. On this day, Araba and Harvey were able to forget how difficult the year had been, and were able to live their dream wedding which they had wanted so badly that they couldn’t wait, and they didn’t have to. I hope that their magical day has inspired you to do the same – to take advantage of the present moment, and most importantly, to love.

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