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All The Best Looks From Paris Fashion Week For Spring/Summer 2018!

Discover the latest trends that were showcased at Paris Fashion Week this year, and find yourself a new wedding look or some inspo for your Spring/Summer wardrobe!

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Our date with one of the most important fashion events has arrived. The French capital has the been the most recent host of all things fashion. In one of fashion’s most emblematic cities, the best designers in the world showcased the latest trends for next season. We know that it wasn’t easy to get tickets, so we’ve made sure you don’t miss out on anything and compiled all the best looks form Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018.

Chanel, Valentino, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent were amongst the amazing designers in Paris, as well as Dior, who were celebrating their 70th birthday with an incredible new collection.

For Elie Saab, their tropical touch was the pinnacle of their collection. Stella McCartney, on the other hand, took to showcasing her oversized, boyfriend styles which we know will be perfect for the upcoming new year!

But take a look for yourself – we’re sure you’ll love them! Perhaps there may be one you want to wear to your next wedding …And hey, don’t worry about not getting tickets, there’s always next year?

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