A Wedding On A Boat in Paradise Island Lapiri captured by Luigi Licata Photography

This wedding is something special: the couple decided to get married on a boat! Look at the beautiful wedding pictures on this fantastic island.

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This is the story of a beautiful wedding in the hidden gem volcano island Lipari. Lipari is part of the Aeolian islands close to Sicily. The island feels like paradise and this beautiful couple must have felt like that. The reason for the lovebirds to get married here is even more beautiful, namely because the father of the bride was brought up her and she knew it would mean the world to him.

The couple both love being on the water and so they tried to find a boat company that would be able to cater for their wedding in Lipari. After some research, they came across Il Miglio Blue (Milazzo). This boat company, and Cristian in particular, helped them on their wedding day. They managed everything in an amazing way so the couple could get married on the water, how special is that!? After an amazing afternoon on the boat together with all their loved ones, it was time for dinner. They got help from family friend Piero Salmieri to find the restaurant and florist for their wedding. The restaurant was Da Leonardo in Canneto where they toasted to their wedding and happiness. The beautiful bouquet of the bride was from La Casa Del Orto, also in Canneto. If you are wondering where the bride’s stunning dress is from, it is from Pronovias and the name is Asha. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? 

The couple wanted their wedding to be intimate, small and relaxed so they could enjoy spending time with their friends and family. There is no better spot to get married on than a boat in this case. They found Luigi Licata Photography that captured all of their wedding photographys.  They will be able to enjoy their special moments whenever they want and they will treasure the pictures forever.

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