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My name is Luigi Licata and I am a wedding photographer. I'm glad you're interested in mine
technical and emotional approach and that you are evaluating the possibility of inviting me to one of the most beautiful days of your life and letting me tell you feeling free to create unique images. I was born in Palermo in 1986, as a child I played with my father's cameras, and now that I'm great I can "play" with my own!

The first works were at the theater: a concert for piano, a dance show .. all strictly with black and white rolls. I remember the excitement of watching the film still wet immediately after developing it and the atmosphere of the dark room during the printing of the photographs.

The passion for photography and a great curiosity for social relations led me to go ahead, to deepen my studies and to refine the spirit of observation and aesthetic taste. Then the first marriage .. It was enlightening. I immediately perceived the importance of portraying the spouses with
naturalness and simplicity, because I wasn't there to build fake images but to capture the reality of a day so rich in emotions.

Many years and so many marriages later I developed my personal style that my clients define
contemporary, fresh, modern, and with a focus on the best aspects of the traditional style. In fact, I believe that seizing a spontaneous smile does not mean snubbing family photos or forgetting the souvenir photo with witnesses!

The beauty of my work lies above all in being always surrounded by happy people. I am committed so that this happiness can be felt in my shots and make my customers smile even after many years. I photograph fifty weddings a year in order to handle them with the utmost care. If I can, I can also consider myself a happy person.


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By jessi.c
I used their services for my wedding
A really smart team, which puts at ease even those who, like us, do not like to be "in the spotlight". With his shots Luigi managed to capture the true essence of that day, I highly recommend it.
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By tina.ruso
I used their services for my wedding

We relied on Luigi because the first impression was that of a serious, reliable and professional person, and so it was. Furthermore, his collaborators also proved to be up to the task! In conclusion we had fun and we are very satisfied with their work.

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By ise.pia
I used their services for my wedding

Competent and sympathetic, Luigi was able to fulfill our requests! We have just picked up the album and leafing through it we got excited. Magical photos, our favorites: some stolen shots, since we don't like to pose! Excellent service, excellent value for money. We definitely recommend it to all future spouses !!

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Mid price
What is your basic price for wedding photography?
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Photography, video
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How long does the service last?
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More than 6 months
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Appointment not required
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Possible travelling expenses
Please tell us something interesting or unique about your business
Non credo di avere uno stile ben definito, io adoro divertirmi e con la macchina fotografica voglio realizzare immagini che abbiano la capacità di far emozionare anche dopo decine d’anni. Voglio raccontare una storia e per farlo utilizzo tecniche foto-giornalistiche che mi permettono di cogliere la spontaneità degli eventi lasciandovi liberi di godere la giornata e di stare con i vostri amici e parenti più cari senza subire alcuna costrizione. Solo così potrò catturare con discrezione attimi unici ed irripetibili come la lacrima di un papà, l’abbraccio di un amico, uno sguardo di complicità, la mamma che con affetto sistema il velo, un bimbo che sbadiglia durante la cerimonia, uno zio che balla ubriaco sul tavolo e tanti altri momenti speciali. Il mio racconto vuole farvi ricordare gli attimi che avete vissuto in prima persona, ma anche tutto quello che è accaduto intorno a voi e che quel giorno per l’emozione, per l’euforia e per la confusione non siete riusciti a cogliere o a notare: i particolari, le sfumature e tanti piccoli, ma importantissimi, dettagli. Se durante la giornata vorrete anche fotografie in posa sarò felicissimo di realizzarle, creerò per voi immagini dinamiche e statiche che vogliono far risaltare l’aspetto più romantico, divertente, dolce o pazzo della vostra personalità.
How long has your business been running?
How long will it take for your clients to receive their photos/video after the wedding?
Generalmente la consegna del servizio avviene tra le 2 settimane ed i 6 mesi.


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