The 6 Best Wedding Photographers in Yorkshire

When it comes to your wedding in Yorkshire, we've got you covered with these top 6 photographers. If you choose one of these talented wedding photographers you will be able to enjoy every moment of your wedding with the knowledge that the whole event will be documented beautifully for your to remember year after year.

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Whether you’re having a city wedding in Leeds, or a countryside wedding surrounded by Yorkshire’s rugged landscape and beautiful rolling hills, we’re sure that you will want your wedding photos to be as gorgeous as your special day. Investing in a talented photographer who is local to the area ensures that the memories of your big day last a lifetime, which is infinitely worth the costs.
We’ve scoured the county to create a list of Yorkshire’s top wedding photographers, so that you can narrow down your search and find the professional with the perfect style to suit your every need. Here are the 6 best wedding photographers in Yorkshire:

1. Jess Petrie Photography


In Sheffield you will find the talented duo, Jess and Rod, who have years of experience in wedding and family portrait photography. As creatives, they love to document other people’s most special moments through a natural and journalistic documentary style. Jess and Rod specialise in Sheffield weddings, Peak District weddings, elopements, same sex marriages and alternative wedding ceremonies or blessings. Their aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possibly in front of their camera.

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Jess Petrie Photography

2. Samsom Photography

Verity and Chris have photographed over 275 weddings around the world. Based in West Yorkshire, this couple divide up their talents so that Chris can photograph the Groom preparations and Verity takes all the exciting bridal preparation photos – so none of your special moments will be missed. Their own wedding really taught them the importance of what wedding photographers do and allowed them to experience what couples want out of their photography. They can adapt their artistic style to suit your every need.
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Samson Photography

3. Photos by Lanty 

Lanty is a Leeds-based wedding photographer with 4 years of experience and a creative and fun style. Her aim is to capture real and honest moments with friends, family, and everyone involved in your special wedding day. “For me, documenting peoples emotions are what I believe my wedding photography is about. Looking back through your images should make you laugh, smile and cry as you see all the amazing emotions present through the big day.” Lanty particularly loves all the different wedding venues and themes that she explores, which make every event unique and personal to the couple. You will sense the passion of this wedding photographer through every shot.

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Photos by Lanty
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Photos by Lanty

4. Stories of I Do

Jon and Mary Fee have a documentary photography style inspired by their own wedding – they capture the fleeting moments so that all you have to do is be yourselves. Have the traditional parts of your day shot through their lens, as well as the spontaneous moments and relaxed family shots or portraits. The talented duo are based in Leeds, but are willing to travel to wherever you may require their artistic style. With this team, you really will get the full ‘story’ of your ‘I Do,’ through honest reportage photography that will be your most precious keepsake for years to come.

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Stories of I Do

5. Kirsty Mattsson

Kirsty Mattsson specialises in contemporary wedding photography with a style that she adapts to the different personalities of every couple. She has had her work published in various blogs and magazines, and is a member of the Guild of Professional Photographers. Kirsty operates throughout all of Yorkshire’s stunning locations including Leeds, Harrogate and York. She can also be on hand for your destination wedding, if you’re marrying further afield. Her goal is to ensure that you have timeless memories created through her artistic lens.
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Kirsty Mattsson

6. The Blushing Peony

Tabitha at The Blushing Peony creates authentic wedding photographs with her unique fine art aesthetic. The best thing about her is that she is unobtrusive, which allows her to capture the natural moments through a candid style. The photos she creates work exquisitely with the natural light during the most intimate or emotional of moments, so that you can remember what made your wedding so special, through these timeless keepsakes. The Blushing Peony offers a variety of photography packages to cover all budgets, and usually takes roughly 50 photos an hour.

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The Blushing Peony
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The Blushing Peony

So when it comes to your wedding in Yorkshire, we’ve got you covered. If you choose one of these talented wedding photographers you will be able to enjoy every moment of your wedding with the knowledge that the whole event will be documented beautifully for you to remember year after year.

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