Our Favourite 'Mini-moon' Destinations for 2017: Chic and Easy Getaways

The minimoon is a growing concept, one that adds both cultural glamour and effortless ease to post-wedding plans. We have selected 5 of our favourite European destinations for you to enjoy after your special day

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The mini-moon is a growing concept, one that adds both cultural glamour and effortless ease to post-wedding plans. More and more newlyweds nowadays are scrapping the ‘let’s-jet-off-on-an-exotic-honeymoon-straight-away’ tradition, and opting instead for a mini-moon in a beautiful town or city for a shorter, yet just as romantic getaway.

Prague and Amsterdam

The mini-moon trend originally emerged during the recession: couples wanted to make their marriage official with a nice trip away but would have to save the big and expensive intercontinental honeymoon for wealthier days. Now however, the popularity of the mini-moon has grown for more than just financial reasons. Modern couples today opt for a mini-moon to satisfy their desire to spend time together abroad, but without having to sacrifice too much time off work or too much planning. The timing, for many, just isn’t quite right.

So bring on the mini-moon. It’s easier AND means you can still keep the prospect of the main honeymoon to look forward to in the future. We have selected 5 of our favourite European destinations for you to enjoy after your special day:

1. Sorrento, Italy

A gem near the glorious Amalfi Coast, Sorrento has a character for both culture and romance.

Sorrento overlooks the Bay of Naples with stunning views across the water to Mt. Vesuvius. Imagine a charming town, overlooking serene waters, but surrounded by the dramatic backdrop of cascading hills and mountains. Down at the Marina Grande, you will find some of the country’s best fish restaurants, and in summertime the whole town oozes atmosphere with bustling terraces.

Image via Shutterstock - Bahdanovich Alena
Image via Shutterstock – Bahdanovich Alena

For more information about mini-moons in Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast, visit citalia.com

2. Santorini, Greece

Of the many romantic destinations that Greece has to offer, you can’t really beat a few days in sunny Santorini. A Mr and Mrs hotspot, this Greek island boasts stunning beach lines and quaint city streets. Think unparalleled sunsets, ancient cities, and some of the world’s best wine.

For all things Santorini, visit santorini.net

Oia, Santorini via: Greeceforvisitors.com
Oia, Santorini via: Greeceforvisitors.com

3. Barcelona, Spain

World-renowned tapas, sun, flamenco, incredible architecture and even better shopping. Barcelona is an easy yet romantic city-break option for newlyweds. 

With a plethora of luxury boutique hotels in the middle of the city, as well as beachside options, you’ll be spoilt for choice. A colourful cultural hub with bordering coastline, Barcelona is a must for anyone who hasn’t been.

For 2017 Barcelona Honeymoon hotels, head to TripAdvisor

Image via Shutterstock
Image via Shutterstock

4. Paris, France

You can’t consider a romantic mini-break without thinking about the city of love, Paris. Yes, it may be cliché, but isn’t that what weddings and their associated traditions are about? A view of the beautiful city from the Eiffel Tower, complete with that of your new smiling spouse, will be the perfect post-wedding memory to cherish until the honeymoon.

With dazzling sights, world-class cuisine, and the inescapable fairy-tale aura, you really won’t regret mini-mooning in Paris.

For further info: visitparis.com

ParisLearn more about “Paris”
Eiffel Tower via: Parisinfo.com

5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

The picturesque city of Dubrovnik provides mini-mooners with the best of both worlds: a romantic seaside paradise alongside culture, history and of course, shopping. Croatia is becoming increasingly popular among young couples who want to experience more of stunning Europe than just the UK’s closest neighbours.

This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of Europe’s most charming and enchanting walled cities with a magnificent view over the Adriatic Sea.

For more info: completelycroatia.co.uk

Image via Shutterstock - Gaspar Janos
Image via Shutterstock – Gaspar Janos

So if the honeymoon ideas are simply causing too much extra stress on top of wedding planning, consider postponing the extravagant plans and picking a dreamy mini-moon option. With any of these destinations, you’re guaranteed to enjoy those precious days as newlyweds with some unforgettable sightseeing and much-needed relaxation. Now all that’s left to do is find your luxury hotel, and book your flights… bon voyage!


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