Lady Diana Will Be Very Present At The Wedding Of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The participation in the wedding of the Spencer, family of Diana of Wales, will be a good way to remember the people's princess.

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With only 8 days the wedding of the year, that is of course the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we are all at the edge of our seats waiting for all the latest details to be released.


But although we are yet to find out the last, important details such as the dress and whether or not she has chosen a maid of honour or not, we do have confirmation that Prince Harry’s mother, the cherished Lady Diana, will be watching her youngest child marry the beautiful actress, Meghan.

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Harry and the Princess of Wales Photo: Cordon Press

Sarah, Jane and Charles Spencer are the sisters and brother of the late Diana of Wales. Since the death of Harry’s mother, the two women disappeared from the fray, while her brother, Earl of Spencer, has had more relevance. The three will not only attend the big event on May 19, but will have a leading role during the wedding.

This is what the Royal House has said: “In addition to having the support of the Queen, the Prince of Wales, and his brother, Prince William, Prince Henry also wants to involve his mother’s family at their wedding. The three brothers of Diana, the Princess of Wales [Charles, Jane, Sarah], will be present and Lady Jane Fellowes will make a reading. Prince Harry and Ms. Markle are honoured that Lady Jane represents her family and helps celebrate the memory of the late princess on the wedding day”.

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Photo: Cordon Press

The reading prepared by Lady Jane would have been reserved for Diana, so it’s fitting that her sister will play her role. Because Harry has always had a very special relationship with his mother’s family, which he also maintained with his own brothers, and he does not want any of them to miss the formidable date. The three of them were in charge of travelling to Paris to take care of Lady Di’s body when the fatal accident took place, burying at that moment her relationship with the press for her media interest in such a painful moment.

The other nod to the Princess of Wales has to do with the engagement ring. Prince Harry was commissioned to design such a jewel, which he ordered to set a large Botswana diamond in the center and two surrounding areas from the collection of his mother, Lady Di.

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Photo: Cordon Press

The ring and the participation of the entire Spencer family in the wedding is a faithful representation of the love that is still felt by Diana of Wales. Undoubtedly, her memory will fly over the great day, perhaps meaning that she is more alive than ever.

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