Honeymoon in Botswana: A Hidden Treasure in the Heart of Africa

Africa is a mystery. Lesser-touristy countries such as Botswana continue to enjoy their solitude and are able to thrive and continue as largely unspoiled habitats for wildlife and the rest of the Earth’s treasures. For the honeymoon of a lifetime, as special as an African sunset, Botswana is a more than fantastic choice.

Suha Derbent
Photo: Suha Derbent

This is Botswana

Despite its size, which is very similar to countries like Spain, Thailand or France, Botswana has only 2,000,000 people. In fact, the territory stands out for is wonderfully unspoilt nature reserves. The Kalahari Desert occupies 70% of the country’s surface, it’s relatively level and can be crossed from end to end, with the elephant as the main walker.

Located in southern Africa, it remains nestled between South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia, with no sea. While much remains to be done, economic and educational growth in Botswana is well underway. Little by little, its natural wonders and extraordinary culture are shown in the eyes of the western world. A honeymoon in this country opens the eyes, enhances tolerance and awakens the most supportive side of people.

Mike Dexter
Photo: Mike Dexter
Bobby Bradley
Photo: Bobby Bradley

Nature´s jewels

The fauna and flora of Botswana is rich, varied and stimulating for the more adventurous. One of its great attractions is the Okavongo delta. When the circulation of the Okavongo comes to an end, its fusion with the Kalahari forms a delta of incomparable beauty, not yet exploited by man. On the outskirts of the area, the Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge is the main accommodation for adventurous travellers, nestled in the heart of nature and blending luxury with ecology.

In this pure and wondrous place, elephants, hippos, giraffes, antelopes and crocodiles, among many other species, live together in peace and harmony. To cross the delta on the back of a mokoro, a typical boat of the area made from a tree trunk, implies a strong connection to the heart of the purest world. You two, the water, the papyrus and the water lilies. Nothing else.

Vadim Petrakov
Photo: Vadim Petrakov
Photo: Andaman
Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge
Photo: Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge

The Kalahari Desert is a surprising territory and also seeps into Namibia and South Africa. Inside, isolated from the world around them, the nomadic group known as the Bushmen, made up of 50,000 people scattered in 10 families. The desert is their home and they share it with rodents, antelopes, giraffes and lions. The Zambezi River, which you can enjoy with activities such as rafting, is one of its great attractions. It is the longest river in Africa and touches up to seven countries, with Victoria Falls as a major ally in part of its journey. The area is so spectacular that it has motivated the construction of large places of accommodation, such as The Kaza Collection, active in countries that share borders with Botswana.

Photo: EcoPrint
Photo: kavram

Natural Parks

The authenticity of Botswana is such that in the north several national and virgin parks are preserved. At the boundary of the reserve at Chief’s Island, Khwai Guest House serves as excellent accommodation for newlyweds, with luxurious cabins and spectacular images of nature.

Vadim Petrakov
Photo: Vadim Petrakov
Photo: Anton_Ivanov

Chobe is another of the delicacies that are preserved down to the smallest detail. Up to 60,000 elephants meet in one of the most amazing and unknown places on the planet. Hippopotamuses, buffaloes and pukus graze in a unique territory rich with ecosystems. Chobe Game Lodge and Cresta Mowana Resort & Spa offer luxury accommodation with safari possibilities in the Chobe National Park in the Chobe region that hosts the park.

Very close to the country, but within the national territory of Namibia, it is worth visiting Bwabwata National Park, which you should visit during elephant migrations

Vladislav T. Jirousek
Photo: Vladislav T. Jirousek
Chobe Game Lodge
Photo: Chobe Game Lodge.

Important Cities

Although its greatest attractions lie in nature, Botswana also has urban areas that, in many cases, serve as a place of passage before facing the great adventures. Gaborone is the capital and, in addition to being home to the university, is home to the Southern African Development Community for economic development and the end of South Africa’s dependence. Maun, on the other hand, is perfect as a preamble to the many national park safaris, with large lodges for such preparation. Highlights include the African Horseback Safaris with its fantastic horseback exploration opportunities and the Ker & Downey.

Also, Kasane is another point of interest, especially for its privileged location, very close to the so-called “4 corners of Africa” ​​(Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana). In addition, Chobe National Park and Victoria Falls, just a few kilometres away, are other top destinations.

African Horseback Safaris
Photo: African Horseback Safaris

Discover a country with everything you need to live, feel and dream as a newlywed. Botswana is wild and intoxicating, a source of secrets in the heart of Africa. Looking for an unforgettable honeymoon? Let yourself be carried away by the call of nature.

In case it still isn’t clear to you why you should honeymoon in Africa, check out this article explaining why it’s a stellar choice.

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