Delight your guests with delicious ice-creams!

Delight your guests with delicious ice-creams!

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There are many ways in which you can transform your wedding into the most memorable event. From the decor to the reception, each area must reflect your style and good taste. If we’re talking about the reception, the main focus will be your menu; a wonderful selection of food will delight your guests, but what about dessert? Well for this time of year, we propose ice-creams! The taste, the freshness and the range of colours will add a magical touch to any wedding menu!

savePhoto: Anne Marie Photography
Photo: Anne Marie Photography

If you’re planning and pondering your wedding menu, there is no better way to round off a delicious meal, than with some tasty desserts. Although tradition tells us this should be a wedding cake, or a more traditional dessert (nothing wrong with a sticky toffee pudding) trends have evolved the way we serve desserts at weddings. If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding, ice-cream is a sensational way to keep your guests cool, sweetening their palate and creating a colourful match to your chosen theme. That’s the great thing about ice-creams, they come in so many different colours and flavours, you can mix and match them to the colours that best go with your chosen colour scheme.

savePhoto: Steve Steinhardt
Photo: Steve Steinhardt
savePhoto: Nancy Aidee Photography
Photo: Nancy Aidee Photography
savePhoto: Whipperberry
Photo: Whipperberry
savePhoto: Anne Robert
Photo: Anne Robert
savePhoto: Marianne Taylor Photography
Photo: Marianne Taylor Photography

Forget dessert tables, an ice-cream table will really stand out and is a wonderfully original concept to have at a wedding. You can play with a huge range of exquisite flavours, perhaps choosing your personal favourites. The fun bit comes with the toppings, hundreds and thousands, wafers, sauces and lots of different nuts and seasonal fruits. We’re sure this will be the most popular place at your reception!

If you want to take the ice-cream to another level, choose tubs and cones in your wedding tones. If you want something a little more glam and less children’s party, serve your ice cream in beautiful vintage glasses or in china tea cups. The ice-cream table can be made to look as fun or elegant as you like.

savePhoto: Chelsea Scanlan Photography
Photo: Chelsea Scanlan Photography
savePhoto: John Schnack Photography
Photo: John Schnack Photography
savePhoto: Kristen Weaver Photography
Photo: Kristen Weaver Photography
savePhoto: Kristen Weaver Photography
Photo: Kristen Weaver Photography

Everyone loves vanilla and chocolate, but why not try something different and seasonal? Salted caramel ice-cream or a summer fruit sorbet will have everyone wanting more! If you’re a bit of a foodie and want something refreshing and light, mint always works well as an after dinner accompaniment. Why not take advantage of what’s on offer and go for flavours you’ve never tried before… go on be a daredevil!

savePhoto: Horace & Gertrude
Photo: Horace & Gertrude

If you ask me, ice-cream should be present at every wedding. It looks pretty, it’s fun and completely unique. Think it’s too messy? Then hiring a vintage ice-cream van or tricycle is a great option. Want something a little more grown up? How about cocktail sorbets…. yum!

Photos by: Anne Marie Photography, Steve Steinhardt, Nancy Aidee Photography, Anne Robert, Marianne Taylor Photography, Chelsea Scanlan Photography, John Schnack Photography, Kristen Weaver, Ashlee Raubach, Horace & Gertrude

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