Been invited to a wedding? Share a car with other guests!

Have you been invited to a wedding but have no idea how you’re going to get there? Do you want to relax and enjoy the reception without having to worry about catching the last bus or train home? Maybe you’ve decided to drive to a wedding but don’t want to go alone in case you get lost, or just want someone to chat to during the trip?

If any of these sound familiar then you may be interested in this smart alternative: ride-sharing.

This sort of service is already very popular in Northern Europe and the United States as a product of the economic crisis and is becoming more commonplace here in the UK thanks to services such as BlaBlaCar. It’s mainly used for pleasure and business but why not use it to get yourself to a close friend’s special day?

Zankyou and BlaBlaCar are launching a collaboration aiming to promote ride-sharing to weddings. If you’ve been invited to a wedding in a remote location through Zankyou, you can easily get in touch with other guests and begin organising your trip. Or if you’re organising a wedding yourself, why not recommend the idea of ride-sharing to your guests through your personal Zankyou website? At, you can create a free account as a driver or passenger and look for other people who can help you on your way or make your journey much more economical.

Photo: BlaBlaCar
Photo: BlaBlaCar

Not only a very green and economical way to travel, it’s also a great way to get to know fellow guests and to really get into the mood for a good wedding. Who knows, you may even make some new friends with a mutual love for Radio 2 or your favourite band!

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