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It's All About The Statement Jewellery: Find The Style to Suit Your Dress

This season is all about the jewellery, particularly the earrings. Find out which earrings will suit your wedding day dress!

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After discovering this year’s bridal hair trends, it’s now time to turn to the really exciting part, that has become a major focus for 2018 brides: the accessories


There are many parts of your look that you can choose to focus on for that extra special something, but it is clear we are currently in the reign of earrings, and there’s no better way to enhance your dress than to choose the perfect statement pair. But it’s not always easy – it can be a little overwhelming when there are just so many good pairs out there!

So, for brides that want to add a little 2018 into their bridal look, or for guests who are looking for the perfect pair to enhance their look, we’ve compiled a step by step guide with all the different styles for the upcoming season.

For Dresses With Frills and Flowers 

Why not mimic this season’s favourite jewellery with more flowers or an intricate, ‘frilly’ design to create a bold look? This bride will have all the attention, and admiration, for making her wedding dress more fun and on-trend.

With the flower shape, whether you choose more of a stud or hanging pair, a splash of colour could be incorporated to add an element of surprise to your look.

Photo: Rosantica

A futuristic twist on a classic from Rosantica: £175

Photo: Kenneth Jay Lane

Opt for a more traditional look from Kenneth Jay Lane: £115.

Photo: Kenneth Jay Lane

Incorporate a ‘leaf’ design with this modern ‘cuff’ by Kenneth Jay Lane: £135

Frills are fun. A daring bride could couple the frills of her dress with the same shape of hanging earring, and so the question here is then the size, the colour and the material. You could choose a soft material, perhaps to match your dress, to exaggerate the shape, or contrast your softer dress with a harsh metallic pair.

Photo: Stella and Dot

Save whilst still making an impact with these bright beaded earrings by Stella and Dot: £48

Photo: Jennifer Fisher

Strike out on Jennifer Fisher’s lightening earrings: £295

Yet, with both of these in styles, if the dress is already a statement in itself, take care not to compete for attention with your earrings. Making a statement is distinctly different to going overboard.

For Bardot Neckline or Off the Shoulder Dresses

This elegant look not only draws attention to your bone structure and jaw line but also leaves your shoulders free to carry some larger, more adventurous earrings. The braver bride could contrast the timeless, simple cut against some more modern, heavier jewellery. Think long pendants, shapes, or something a little louder. 

Photo: Annie Costello Brown

Splurge on this gorgeous pair from Annie Costello Brown: £230, or take a look at Mango for a similar pair for only £9.99

Another pair from Annie Costello Brown to make a statement: £190

Photo: Annie Costello Brown

However, if you are looking to further enhance this timeless classic image, a finer pair of hanging earrings will be the way forward. Pearls, precious stones or even one of the metallics will add charm and poise, be a focal point, but not overpower your look. This way, you can wear accessories in your hair without worrying whether it’s too much.

Photo: Chan Luu  

Simple, sophisticated and a saving with Chan Luu’s earrings: £65

Photo: Dinosaur Designs

A timeless pair to re-wear over and over again from Dinosaur Designs: £185

Embellished Dresses

Firstly, be careful not to out-do your embellishment. A large, yet simple, pair of earrings would work best. Perhaps matching with one element of your dress, such as a reoccurring shape in the pattern or one of the colours if any are present.

Photo: Charlotte Druzy

Make a colourful saving with Charlotte Druzy: £132

Photo: Elizabeth and James

Let this gorgeous shape enhance your look from Elizabeth and James: £180

Dresses With Transparency

The modern bride bearing this light-weight look could use heavier, more solid earring to balance out the materials. The romantic lightweight materials of lace and tulle are all rage at the moment and will contrast perfecting with a dominant solid style. Why not counter the soft flowing nature of the dress, especially if a voluminous tulle skirt, with a slim pendent? With attention to block materials and colour, a statement piece will reinforce that desired modern twist and ultimately bring the look together.

Photo: Kenneth Jay Lane

Bold yet timeless. You can’t go wrong with this Kenneth Jay Lane pair:  £100

Photo: Annie Costello Brown: £165

Be adventurous with this alternative, modern pair from Annie Costello Brown: £165

‘This article was written by Mimi Swaby. Mimi is currently a Digital Content Creator in Corporate Communications and Rebel Thinking for Good Rebels in Madrid. In addition to this, Mimi is a lifestyle blogger; discover more about her and articles she has written at Mimazine.’


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