45 Unique Hairstyles For Any 2018 Bride

Looking a bridal hairstyle that new and unique? Take a look through our gallery for 2018 brides - we're sure you'll find one to try out with your hairdresser!

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So, you’ve decided on your location, your wedding planner and your photographer, now it comes down to the details about you!


Brides have thousands of questions when it comes to choosing what hairstyle to sport on their wedding day. “But I look better with it down”. “I don’t like how my neck looks when it’s up”, and even: “my neck gets cold when I have it up”.

This is definitely a part of your day that you need to decide for yourself – hair up or down, curly or straight – you know what you like! And, as we at Zankyou know it’s never an easy task, we’ve put together an extensive list of 45 ultra-feminine suggestions with an edge.

We hope that you find a couple that you’d like to try out with your hairdresser before before the big day!


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45 Unique Hairstyles For Any 2018 Bride