Vintage bicycle or luxury limo? Wedding transportation for all tastes

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Normally, when we imagine a bride arriving at a wedding ceremony, we traditionally think of a car of some sort, perhaps decorated with some flowers and a wedding ribbon, but today we want to show you that there are literally hundreds of ways of arriving at your ceremony and leaving your reception.

The most common form of wedding transport for a couple is still definitely a car. Usually a luxury car, sometimes white, sometimes black but almost always a classic car, but more and more couples are thinking of very unique and incredible alternatives. Vintage bicycles, camper vans, even horses if you have a passion for them, and we’ve even seen boats for couples that are lucky enough to be having their reception near the water. Imagine yourself arriving in a cool convertible or even your own car, with a few added decorations!

Our gallery today will certainly get your inspirational juices flowing and if you’re still considering how to arrive, or leave your wedding, we think these fab alternatives are pretty cool.

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