Wedding decor on two wheels!

Wedding decor on two wheels!

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It’s spring, it’s a bank holiday and at this time of year us Brits love a bike ride. There’s something nostalgic and childlike about riding a bicycle. It’s fun, it’s good for you and it’s great for a wedding too!

We’ve seen couples arrive at their wedding on bicycles before, great for an Eco-wedding, but how about a bicycle theme for those of you that love this active passtime?

We love a rustic bicycle strategically placed in various locations at your wedding, and even better if it has a basket, for a wonderfully vintage feel. Fill it with wedding favours or confetti cones for your guests to use. How about going all out with this theme and having cute bikes on your cake and stationery too? Our favourite idea… a vintage ice-cream tricycle. Yum!

A bicycle is something most of us have a home and can transform your wedding decor in an instant. Have a look at our gallery for some 2 wheeled inspiration!

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