Lourenço Wedding Photography: the most genuine and spontaneous emotions without filters!

Spontaneity and naturalness are Lourenço Wedding Photography's modus operandi. Meet the talented and renowned photographer!

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120 Weddings. 7 Years Shooting (full time). 30 Weddings Photographed Per Year. 30,000 Kilometers Traveled in Total.

We always hear that we are much more than just a simple number. And it’s quite true! However, these are the impressive statistics of one of the most respected bridal photographers in the Portuguese panorama. His name? Lourenço Wedding Photography. 

 These numbers represent the passion, fascination and talent of João Lourenço, the great photographer behind Lourenço Wedding Photography, who has been delivering success after success to this project, while he developed an absolutely surprising photographic style.

 Passionate about spontaneity and genuineness, Lourenço Wedding Photography has been refining a natural, spontaneous and purely documentary style “with a knack for photographing laughter and tears”. His main goal is “that when seeing my photographs, the bride and groom feel they are there, in the day. I don’t like poses or forced moments”. And to make this happen, he always asks the couple to pretend he is not there. A difficult task, sometimes, but one that always pays off.

 The challenge is making the couple feel at ease in front of the camera and give off their true colours. “I want to document what couples are, not how beautiful they can look when they pose. Reality is much more moving than manequins”. confides João Lourenço to Zankyou.

João da Lourenço Wedding Photography, like any other artist, has also a source of inspiration and it is people. As well as inspiring him, they also breathe into him his passion for social photography, where individuals tell their reality.

“Human being likes stories with a beginning, middle and end. A photograph – or set of photographs – doesn’t always have to be beautiful, but it has to be meaningful!”

“If they ask me what defines me as a professional, I would say attention to the client”, shares João when we ask him what sets him apart from other wedding photographers. However, his humanity and profound sensitivity are also outstanding. “I may have the best approach, but if the bride and groom don’t feel comfortable with me around, the photos will not be the best.” For this reason, the photographer considers it extremely important to spend some quality time with his clients before the wedding, so that he can get to know them and overcome this hurdle of ” being strangers”.

He also advises the bride and groom to look at the type of photography that is currently being shot, as this is an art in constant evolution and mutation. “The most important thing is that, when they look at the photographs, they see if those wonderful images fit in with the kind of wedding they want to have.”

So, if this documentary style is what you are looking for your big wedding day, get in touch with Lourenço Wedding Photography and get ready to have a wedding album full of feelings and 100% faithful to yourself and your day.

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Lourenço Wedding Photography: the most genuine and spontaneous emotions without filters!