Belief Awards 2021: 28 Striking photos that show the best weddings around the world

Belief Awards celebrates it 14th edition with these breathtaking images. Even with the pandemic, photographers were still able to capture the joy of the moments that happened.

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The 14th edition of the Belief Awards – an international contest for wedding planners and creators worldwide, was special in itself, as even though it happened during these hard times of the pandemic, people sill participated wholeheartedly in these awards, revealing the best weddings around the world.


Overall, there were 1288 entries from 31 countries in this edition, and the judging panel selected only 64 weddings to be short-listed. Zankyou is proud to have been part of the judging panel, and we thank Belief Awards for inviting us! The two categories with public voting were: Big Weddings, and Mini Weddings. More than 18000 votes from 48 different countries were submitted. Overall, an excellent turnout for the 14th edition – better than anticipated, one could say, due to the current circunstances.

Giovana Duailibe, CEO and founder of Belief Wedding Creators, comments on this year’s Belief Awards: “After a hard year for the wedding industry, the biggest challenge was to find an alternative for people to take part in, especially because they didn’t have weddings in 2020 and most of them are only starting again now. With that in mind, we created a different original version of the Belief Awards, where wedding creators could submit events from any year. The concept of this edition was Timeless Weddings, and for the first time, we had 10 categories for the judges to choose from of their favourite weddings“.

The Belief Awards prides itself in being an inclusive and diverse contest; “More than ever, we saw a high-quality variety of weddings worldwide, which brings hope and inspiration to people”, Giovana Duailibe states. Despite the struggles of the pandemic – downsizing weddings, last-minute changes, replacing vendors who got Covid-19, wearing maks… etc., some wedding creators were still able to submit photos of the celebrations that were able to proceed during this time. So, the beauty of these awards is really that, in a time when almost everyone was separated from someone who they love, there were still moments were people had a chance to celebrate their love.

Check out the Winners of The Belief Awards here!

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Belief Awards 2021: 28 Striking photos that show the best weddings around the world