The Most Wondrous Hair Accessories For Your Winter Wedding

Winter is the one season where brides can really go all out on the accessories, from fur coats to statement headpieces. So check out our favourite hair accessories for your big day here!

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The winter wedding season is upon us, and with it comes finding the perfect dress, the reception décor, the seasonal flowers, candles warming the air and beautiful bridal accessories – pretty much the best part! In this gallery, we will show you 21 stunning hair accessories to inspire our winter brides. Choose your favourite, but be warned, it’s easier said than done!


Hair accessories have become essential for adding that je ne sais quoi to the outfit of any bride or wedding guest. After all, what is a killer outfit without killer accessories? They also adapt to suit trends changing with the seasons. What’s nice about hair accessories is that they suit anyone and everyone, and you will surely find something to suit your personal style. If you have curly hair, straight hair or even a fringe, there’s something perfect out there for you.

In this gallery, you will see hair accessories with porcelain flowers, ones adorned with small brooches and others with vintage beadwork. Say hello to the velvet turbans made from the winter wedding fabric of choice. Also the flowers of the season, as well as decorative elements in gold and silver, are always stylish no matter what type of wedding you opt for.

And because hair accessories look good during both the day and night, there will surely be some to carry you through the event. Don’t miss out!

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The Most Wondrous Hair Accessories For Your Winter Wedding