Beso Beach: a space for weddings in Ibiza where you can dance, laugh and enjoy like never before

In Beso Beach, an excellent place for a wedding in Ibiza, three fundamental pillars are combined for a successful celebration: gastronomy, atmosphere and entertainment.

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Beso Beach is much more than a restaurant. That is what the team of professionals that manages the most special events at the premises guarantee. This beautiful place, located in Ibiza, offers a complete sensory experience. To make sure their words match reality, three fundamental pillars are combined so that a wedding becomes an absolute success: gastronomy, atmosphere and entertainment.

saveBeso Beach | Ibiza (Spain)Beso Beach, the ideal location for your wedding
Photo: Beso Beach

Basque-Mediterranean cuisine

The place is gorgeous and its gastronomy is enviable. Beso Beach is built and works with raw material and non-intrusive techniques to preserve the purest flavor of each one of its creations. For your dishes, they use proximity products, favoring local trade. “At Beso Beach Ibiza we are proud to offer -from the window of the beach of Las Salinas de Ibiza– the best of Mediterranean and Basque cuisine based on a kitchen with heart. We use the best raw ingredients available, without additives, extravagant names or sweeteners”, their team of professionals says. At Beso Beach, the protagonist is the palate, pampered by the unique ingredients pure essence and the experience of enjoying the most authentic flavors in an environment of unparalleled beauty.

saveBeso Beach | Ibiza (Spain)Beso Beach, the ideal location for your wedding
Photo: Beso Beach

“We have different options for set menus and we offer the possibility of modifying them depending on the bride and groom wishes”, they assure. As bride and groom, you can taste their creations in the restaurant, which has a large main dining room, a sand area with a panoramic view of the sea and another space under the sun, facing the beautiful beach of Las Salinas. Beso Beach holds up to 240 people so you can celebrate your wedding surrounded by all your loved ones just as you have always dreamt of.

Beso Beach is committed to a hippy-chic aesthetic, with a decoration, a culinary composition and a detailed image that, in addition to the paradisiacal locations, create a magical atmosphere that enhances every event. As additional services, they offer Dj, live music, floral decoration, Spanish ham cutter, wedding planner services and water taxi.

saveBeso Beach | Ibiza (Spain)Beso Beach, the ideal location for your wedding
Photo: Beso Beach

Enjoy, dance and laugh

Beso Beach is a place where you can taste excellent food, as well as enjoy a magnificent and personal party because it is just a unique place. It combines a perfect location, with the most charming decoration and the best products you can find with a magical energy. If you need to rely on a team full of good energy and positive vibe, do not look anywhere else. Beso Beach staff takes care of making you feel at home. In this wonderful space you will find a salted and sunny bit of paradise.

All this makes Beso Beach the best option to celebrate the most important day of your life!


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