What is a detox? Juices, shakes and smoothies to take care of that pre-wedding body!

We all dream of having the perfect wedding day, and that means wanting to feel and look our best. So alongside exercise why not take a look at introducing detoxing juices, shakes, or smoothies into your diet? These are healthy beverages made with fruits, vegetables, and liquids such as water, milk or vegetable juices alongside other additional ingredients such as natural sweeteners, unsweetened cocoa, or seeds and so forth.

Sara Lobla
Photo: Sara Lobla

Easily available online or physical stores such as Waitrose, wholefoods and Planet Organic, Spanish retailer Fit Food, states that detox juices are; “A fresh, 100% natural liquid designed to debug your physical and mental diet. The treatment is to replace your meals with our cold-pressed juices. Each juice contains more than 1.5 kg of fresh fruits and vegetables, organically cold-pressed to the highest quality. Our detox juices are the perfect way to eliminate toxins, and helps you learn to listen to what your body needs whilst taking in the best nutrients.”

Fit Food
Photo: Fit Food

With a detox you’re forcing the toxins out of your body, increasing your energy and feeling lighter for your big day. How much time does a detox take? It all depends on the results you want to obtain. Fitfood say; “If you want to detox for more than 5 days, you can do it. But if you have never cleansed before, start slow with a 3-day detox.”

Foto: Fit Food
Photo: Fit Food
13392824_1624824781171788_1150428499_nFoto: Fit Food
Photo: Fit Food

You can also get to work at home and prepare your own detox drinks. Dance duo Danza De Fogones say that these drinks are healthy because they are made with raw fruits and vegetables, which help to cleanse our body:

“The cooking process breaks down some nutrients, but that does not happen in the shakes because we use fruits and vegetables in their natural state. Unlike other juices that you can find in the supermarket, these homemade shakes are high in fibre that helps us improve digestion and cleanse our gut.”

Bodas CF
Photo: Bodas CF

If you’re up for making your own smoothies and shakes at home, be sure to use fresh fruit and raw ingredients as they are far more nutritious.  A quick google and you will find a heap of super easy recipes which simply require a quick blend!

The Cleanse.

According to these experts, “Green smoothies are the most nutritious – especially when they are made with some kind of green leaf such as spinach. The green leaves have a very high mineral count and high fibre content. You can convert any smoothie into a green one by simply adding one or two handfuls of your favourite greens. Spinach is ideal for beginners, because they just add colour and not too much flavour.” For the more adventurous amongst you; pear, kale, peas and broccoli are also all popular alternatives.

Batido desintoxicante. Photo: Danza de Fogones

Get that radiant skin.

The best way to get beautiful skin is by eating a healthy diet and shakes are a perfect way of upping your fruit & veg intake.

For beautiful skin you want a shake high in antioxidants- such as blueberries, which serve to prevent and combat ageing. Another great tip is to introduce the use of flax seeds, which are a rich source of omega -3 and help to minimise irritation, redness and inflammation of skin.

Batido para una piel radiante. Photo: Danza de Fogones

Improve your digestion.

For a smoothie to help your digestion, think; “Oranges are high in fiver, ginger stimulates the pancreas and increases the production of enzymes that promote digestion, banana is one of the best fruits to combat stomach problems because of it’s slow releasing carbs, and carrots have a high content of vitamin A, which is essential to protect and regenerate the digestive membranes.” Delicious and nutritious!

Batido o licuado para mejorar la digestión. Photo: Danza de Fogones

A great beginner smoothie: strawberry, banana, mango.

The wonderful dancers, Danza De Fogones, love this combo as not only does it taste great, but it’s a great place to start your detox journey. For an extra shot of energy, they also like to add a little bit of lucuma, although it’s a completely optional add-on ingredient.

Batido verde de fresa, plátano y mango. Photo: Danza de fogones

A sunshine Detox shake.

This shake is especially purifying and great for a sunny day. Made with pineapple, cucumber and lemon, this shake has the ultimate combo of the most popular ingredients in tonics or Détoxing process.

Batido détox. oto: Danza de fogones

So, have as go and see if detoxing can do for you what it’s already done for thousands of other women- remember; there’s a fruit and veg combo for everyone!

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