Exciting Wedding Getaway Rides

Thinking of an alternative way to leave your wedding reception? Here are some fabulous ideas for that momentous exit in an amazing vehicle!

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savePhoto: Jennefer Wilson
Photo: Jennefer Wilson

Although flowers and ribbons remain the popular choice when it comes to decorating the bridal wedding car, many couples are now breaking with tradition when it comes to their wedding getaway car.

savePhoto: Kristin Speed
Photo: Kristin Speed

My father and I were driven to the church on my wedding day in a vintage 1960’s Rolls Royce. With white leather interior, simple white roses adorned the back window and a little silver platter on the drop down table displayed a bottle of champagne. There was no way that my new husband was going to miss out on a ride in this stunning automobile from the church to our reception!

savePhoto: KT Merry Photography
Photo: KT Merry Photography

It’s becoming ever increasingly popular for couples now to leave the reception together in quirky ways and leaving in a decorated vehicle of some sort is ever fitting for them starting their new journey together. From stretch limos and sports cars to vintage cars and sidecars, this trend for unique vehicles was well and truly cemented by Kate Middleton and Prince William when they made their way from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House on their wedding day in a vintage blue Aston Martin belonging to Prince Charles.

savePhoto: Sarah Culver
Photo: Sarah Culver

Personalised number plates announcing “Ju5t Wed” and heart balloons are a cute addition to any wedding car. L plates are always an amusing popular detail and tin cans tied to the back of the car are synonymous with many a wedding in the movies with signs announcing “Just married”.

savePhoto: Tim Halberg
Photo: Tim Halberg
savePhoto: Tim Halberg
Photo: Tim Halberg

For those slightly more adventurous couples, why not match your getaway vehicle to your theme? Who said it had to be a car?! Camper vans are ever popular, these would be ideal for a surfie couple having a beach side wedding or how about a (clean) tractor for a rustic farm wedding. A tandem would make for a really fun photo session for the “Greener” couple looking to be environmentally friendly.

savePhoto: Robb Davidson
Photo: Robb Davidson

It really doesn’t matter what you choose. An expensive one of a kind vehicle, a quirky bicycle, or a caravan that took you on your first camping holiday together. Don’t stick to tradition, make it personal and make it different. Go with your heart, have a little fun and start your life’s journey together off on the right foot… or pedal.


Photos: Jennefer Wilson Kristin Speed KT Merry Photography Sarah Culver Tim Halberg Robb Davidson

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