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Make your wedding day extra special by hiring a videographer who will produce a stunning short film of your wedding day, to be shared amongst friends and family, and used to remember a truly special day. Check out our recommendations for the best videographers in and around Birmingham.

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One of the most special things you can organise for your wedding day is to have it all caught on video, alongside the traditional snapshots provided by a photographer. Having your wedding recorded and transformed into a short video – artistically done, and often complete with music – is a fantastic way of looking back on one of the best days of your life, and can be easily shared amongst family and friends so you can all remember this cherished event. In this article, we will show you the work of seven talented videographers who are working in and around the Birmingham area, who would be the perfect addition to your wedding, and the many happy years following it!

PS Visuals


PS Visuals are a videography company based in the West Midlands, who are experts in the field of wedding videos. Their end products are not only effortlessly elegant, but also incredibly moving due to their selection of music, and their focus on showing the relationships between couples and their families and guests.

With several film degrees between them, the team at PS Visuals have an extensive online portfolio, and work to tailor your video to suit you perfectly, priding themselves on making couples feel unique.

Relive It Productions

Relive It Productions is comprised of a marvellous two-man team who provide stunning visuals and a strong turn-around time in the production of their wedding videos. Their camera work and attention to detail is second-to-none – perfect for any couple who wants the effort they have put into their big day captured on tape forever!

Adam and Shane have been working together since they were at school, and are an exceedingly dependable and experienced duo who you can trust with such an important task!

Robert Kubicki 

Robert Kubicki is a videographer with many years of experience, who knows the tricks and tools of the trade to ensure that your wedding video is perfect. The content he produces is stylish and sophisticated, and has a very-high end quality to it, whilst also deftly portraying the emotions of the day.

Robert and Aleksandra are based in Northampton, but are happy to travel to Birmingham for your big day. If you want your wedding video to be a little bit quirky, and with personality, then look no further!

Mills Films

Crisp, dynamic and modern, the wedding videos produced by Mills Films are guaranteed to wow your family and friends, and provide a fitting way to remember your big day. Their expertise is evident in every shot captured on film, and the end product is always a pleasure to watch.

Husband and wife Tom and Sarah make up the team behind Mills Films, and have travelled all around the globe for their clients, and their passion for their work shines through in every video.

Always and Forever Videos

Always and Forever Videos aim to tell a story through their wedding videos, effectively and skillfully showcasing the splendour of the wedding that they attend. Their rustic, vintage style is greatly attractive, as is their use of contemporary yet emotive music.

Having been in the wedding videography business for 25 years now, Always and Forever Videos are guaranteed to grant your wish of having the most sublime video by which you can reflect on your day.

Khush Studio

Kkush Studio specialises in working for traditional Asian weddings, capturing the vibrancy and energy of these very special and distinctive ceremonies. They aim to convey the authenticity right at the heart of Asian unions, and have a deep understanding of the culture and norms which guides their video-making process.

Jamirul, who operates Khush Studio, has worked in the videography industry for ten years now, and is also available as a highly-skilled wedding photographer.

Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge offers a very unique videography service – whilst attending the wedding in person, they also use cameras run by drones, which fly over the venue and film the event from the sky. This creates a wholly memorable video for the couple, and is the perfect example of how technology can be used in a more traditional setting.

Whilst the Blue Ridge team themselves are not photographers, they are partnered with several experts in the field, and offer a discount for a dual hiring which is good news for brides on a budget!

We hope that you have been inspired to have a video made of your own wedding – and with our recommendations above, you cannot go wrong!

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