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  • The most spectacular venues for a dream wedding

The most spectacular venues for a dream wedding

This list is made for the people that imagine luxury and splendor as central parts of their wedding. Check them!

The most spectacular venues for a dream wedding
Photo: CapoSperone Resort
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If you’ve dreamed of your wedding day, you have definitely dreamed of a special place with a unique atmosphere. You probably have already thought of the color schemes you will use, the amount of people you will invite, and even the number of guests to fit in. That place exists. You only need to find it. That’s why we made this list. If you are ambitious and want nothing but the biggest and the best, you will choose any of these locations. These venues are breathtaking and the luxury you deserve on that marked day.


You can choose depending on a great number of factors such as the main building for the events, the chapel nearby, the park in the outside regions or the service reviews for the restaurant or others. Take everything in consideration before making a decision.


Villa Mosconi Bertani

Elegant and historical, this venue has the perfect decorations. The eight-hectare historic English park can be of service for creating the most vivid memories and taking the most beautiful photos.

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Photo: Villa Mosconi Bertani

Parco San Marco 

This resort offers pretty chapels to have an intimate ceremony, magnificent event rooms to gather all your guests and the Lugano lake’s shore to contemplate. It is a deluxe place for a marked date.

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Photo: Parco San Marco

Oasi Quattro Colonne

This venue and the beautiful gulf of Gallipoli can be the perfect setting for your day wedding. Magical, opulent and distinguished. However, it can offer so much more. The sunset in this place is delightful and the light play that the venue offers can make it special.

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Photo: Oasi Quattro Colonne

Agorà Costa al Ponente

For an unforgettable experience, you should choose Agorà al Costa Ponente. The catering is phenomenal and acclaimed and the natural terrace the perfect spot to say “I do”. You can arrive by boat and walk to the altar as the wind blows your hair.

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Photo: Agora al Costa Ponente

Consorzio Turistico Maratea

If you want a different wedding because you and your lover like to travel, you can choose this tourist destination. Finding a new beautiful place with your intended and promising much more trips is couple’s goal!

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Photo: Consorzio Turistico Maratea

Caposperone Resort

If the reception is the most important part of your wedding, you should learn about this resort and how grandiose it is. The scenery is unique, and the green atmosphere brings nature to life. The amphitheater building gives everyone the perfect view.

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Photo: CapoSperone Resort

Borgo Antico Casalbosco

Affordable, cozy and elegant are the main descriptors of Borgo Antico Casalbosco. The medieval origin of the buildings give everything a charming and historical look. If you want a more private and exclusive wedding, and with a traditional feeling, this is the place for it.

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Photo: Borgo Antico Casalbosco

If you checked out all of these locations but still have not fallen in love hard, you still have more options in the Zankyou list of providers. We also offer a list of photographers and wedding planners. The more you check out, the easiest is going to be finding the perfect option.


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