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  • The 7 best wedding venues for a truly unique wedding

The 7 best wedding venues for a truly unique wedding

7 options to fall in love with a location and making it part of your memories. The one could be in this list. Go check it!

The 7 best wedding venues for a truly unique wedding
Photo: Podere Calvaiola
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A wedding requires planning, agreement and fulfilling fantasies. That is why there is a whole profession around managing it. Nevertheless, the decision-making is still made by the bride and groom. It is, arguably, the most important day of their lives.


Choosing the perfect venue that fits not only your aesthetic but your wishes, your intendeds as well and the expectations from friends and families can be tiring and time-consuming. That’s why we made this list. We want to accommodate all your desires. They can be met, you just have to look at the right options for you. This catalog is specially made for those who want a spot that’s different from the usual. We made a mix of historical places, natural atmospheres and refined venues. All of these will leave a positive impression in your mind. If you want to be original, you can.


Grand Hotel Portovenere

Nautical theme weddings can take place in this hotel as it overlooks the port. Luxury spreads all around the building, the service is 5-stars and the professionalism of the staff shows in each event. The good reviews are proof of it.

saveGrand Hotel Portovenere magical place on the Italian RivieraFind out more about Grand Hotel Portovenere
Photo: Grand Hotel Portovenere

Masseria Palesi

The traditional 17th-century architecture gives this place an aristocratic and refined look. It can accommodate up to 300 guests and make the big wedding of your dreams come true. The best package it can offer is a 3-day event. Unique, special and private, just what you need.

saveMasseria Palesi wedding venue in PugliaFind out more about Masseria Palesi
Photo: Masseria Palesi

Schweiz Tourismus

Did you know you can rent a whole hotel just for your event and fit all your guest with all the commodities? Your wedding is that important, and you can make it private to enjoy it. You will have a giant banquet and a ballroom to top it all.

saveSchweiz Tourismus, a different wedding in SwitzerlandFind out more about Schweiz Tourismus
Photo: Schweiz Tourismus

Tenuta Cherici Mascagni

If you want a fairy tale wedding but have a constricted budget, this venue might be what you need. It has a mixture between cozy and tasteful thanks to the vivid green gardens and the fashionable interiors. The photographs taken here will be magical and ethereal.

saveTenuta Cherici Mascagni, a magical location in the heart of TuscanyFind out more about Tenuta Cherici Mascagni
Photo: Tenuta Cherici Mascagni

Podere Calvaiola

Podere Calvaiola’s owners pour their soul into the service provided and have great attention to detail. If you wish to be pampered in your wedding day and have a delightful spot to always remember very fondly, this could be your top option.

savePodere Calvaiola, an immersion in the Tuscan countrysideFind out more about Podere Calvaiola
Photo: Podere Calvaiola

Baglio Regia Corte

For a fair price, it offers a traditional feeling mixed with tasteful interior design of the venue. It gives a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that can’t be replicated because of the modernized and restyled nineteen century building. Reviews don’t lie, they love.

saveBaglio Regia Corte, mix between classics and modernityFind out more about Baglio Regia Corte
Photo: Baglio Regia Corte

Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Touring Club Milano

If luxury is what you want, luxury is what you get. Majestic, grandiose and sophistication can be used to describe the main building. The typical Italian cuisine served by the restaurant will leave guest wanting another wedding just  to come again.

saveRadisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Touring Club MilanoFind out more about Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Touring Club Milano
Photo: Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Touring Club Milano

Still want more options? We can give them. Check the Zankyou list of providers if you feel like you need. We also offer photographers and wedding planners as they are the main things to have planned early on.


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