How to Win the Battle of the Bugs at Your Outdoor Wedding

You will win the battle of bugs at your outdoor wedding if you try a few of these tips! Good luck, don't let the bugs bite!

How to Win the Battle of the Bugs at Your Outdoor Wedding
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Sunset ceremonies and dancing under the stars are just a few reasons why outdoor weddings are so gorgeous. When your big day arrives, do not let bugs ruin the day. This guide will show you how to win the battle of the bugs at your outdoor wedding without maxing out your budget.

There are a few creative ways to prevent and take care of bugs at wedding venues. Talk with your planner or venue coordinator about using these tips to make sure uninvited, pesky guests do not crash your wedding.

1. Give Guests Bug Spray

Handheld fans may help gusts bat away curious mosquitoes, but some venues sit in bug-prone areas. Give your guests bug spray in a welcome basket so they can protect themselves. Spritzing the repellent on their arms and legs is a safe way to keep the bugs away and minimize the irritation caused by fighting them off all night.

2. Light Citronella Candles

Insects bite people because they smell human scents that signal a food source. They are more likely to gather in swarms when people sit near each other, like at your outdoor reception. Lighting citronella candles at reception tables will repel bugs because the oil masks any attractive scents that might cause insects to bite more aggressively.

3. Check the Trees

Brides can also work with their venue coordinators to check for bees. Nests may exist in trees near the outdoor ceremony or reception areas and pose a health risk. When everyone gathers or begins to eat, the bees could see them as a threat or a barrier between them and the sweet food that they mistake for flowers.

If you find any bees, use safe and effective removal measures like blocking the hive entrance and moving it elsewhere. Always call a professional for assistance if you do not feel comfortable handling the pest problem.

4. Hang Up Bags of Water

Constantly waving flies away ruins any event. Hanging bags of water is a quick and budget friendly way to win the battle of the bugs at your outdoor wedding. The water reflects light, confusing a fly’s sensitive eyes and making them head elsewhere.

Although some people argue that water bags do not work against flies, many people and restaurants still hang them for extra protection. Try them in your backyard to test drive them before your big day.

5. Provide Essential Oil Sprays

Some guests may not feel comfortable with chemical-based bug sprays, so provide essential oils too. Like citronella candles, they will mask human scents that typically attract pests. Find mini spray bottles and read about bug-repelling oil options like lavender and lemongrass.

Stock up on your favourite scents and pour the diluted oils into spray bottles for guests. They will not cost much and provide all-natural protection that could make all the difference in making your guests comfortable.

Try Tips at Home

You will win the battle of bugs at your outdoor wedding if you try a few of these tips at home. See which ones are most effective where you live or where you will get married. When you coordinate with your wedding planning team, you will find and prevent pests from making anyone uncomfortable on the most romantic day of your life.

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