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saveImage: Jennefer Wilson
Image: Jennefer Wilson

Although flowers are still a big favourite for decorating wedding cars, not all couples go down the traditional route.

saveImage: Kristin Speed
Image: Kristin Speed

Nowadays, the range of vehicles you can choose for your wedding car can go from limousines to vintage cars to cream-coloured sports cars. Getting the right decoration is another matter, however. So, if you don’t feel like flowers for your wedding day wheels, here are some things to inspire you.

saveImage: KT Merry Photography
Image: KT Merry Photography

One of our favourite weddings was Kate and William’s, who travelled from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House in a blue Aston Martin from Prince Charles’ private collection.

saveImage: Sarah Culver
Image: Sarah Culver

The sports car featured lots of nice details, including a personalised number plate (with JU5T WED), an L-plate and heart-shaped balloons. In fact, we love balloons as a nice replacement for the traditional tin cans.

saveImage: Tim Halberg
Image: Tim Halberg
saveImage: Tim Halberg
Image: Tim Halberg

And cars are not the only means of transport available on your wedding day. A van or even a tractor are great for more rural weddings. Or what about green couples who decide to ride a tandem from the ceremony. Gorgeous!

saveImage: Robb Davidson
Image: Robb Davidson

And remember, whatever the vehicle, you can decorate it with signs and items that reflect your wedding style, whether you’re going for a vintage, minimalist or single-colour look.

Which car are you planning to use for your big day?


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