6 full service wedding planners for your special day

You don't need to do it on your own. Get a wedding planner to help you with the most tiresome chores and relax. You deserve the best, and that includes the best planning!

6 full service wedding planners for your special day
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Wedding planners can help relieve the stress of making the arrangements for that special day. Weddings can take up to two years to plan thoroughly, and that doesn’t count the time you’ve dreamt about it and eliminated all the options available in your mind. On top of it, there is also things that can go wrong at the last minute and changes that can hurt the budget. A wedding planner doesn’t decide, but have all the resources to get you to pick between what you like and what you love. That’s why you should get one. You will have the best options and nothing could go wrong.

Fiorella Wedding


If you are a fan of traditional weddings, Fiorella Wedding can make it happen. Their services include a great level of personalization, a vast knowledge of unique locations and passion for a perfect job. Everything will be memorable and enjoyable, as it should. Timeless and classic are other descriptors that can match the aesthetic you want, and she can achieve. As it should.

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Photo: Fiorella Wedding

Valeria Ronzini Wedding Planner

Valeria is a well-rounded wedding planner and the reviews she gets from happy couples are truthful, positive and full of gratefulness. She takes into account every little detail that is important. Valeria will make the wedding happen, will monitor and arrange everything that you ask. The ceremony will be exactly as you have dreamed of.

saveValeria Ronzini wedding planner in ItalyFind out more about Valeria Ronzini
Photo: Valeria Ronzini

Med in Style

This team of planners offers you a classic Italian wedding with a modern twist. They can get you the best location in southern Italy, a beach ceremony and everything you ask for. The experience is complete by taking every sense into account. They have resources available because they know how to get a big event going. If you rather delegate some choices, you can!

saveMed in Style luxury wedding planningFind out more about Med in Style
Photo: Med in Style

Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort

This retreat and spa can surprise you as a wedding place, but it does deliver a good service to the couple, family and friends. Everything is already planned, which makes problems less likely to appear. They know how to handle an event.

saveParco San Marco Lifestyle Beach ResortFind out more about Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort
Photo: Parco San Marco Lifestyle Beach Resort

Roberta Bersano Weddings & Events

Roberta will give you the most personal experience you can have. If you want to treat with just one person, so they can get what you want better, she is the woman to call. Takes pride in her job and makes her happy to make others happy. She truly embodies the spirit of weddings and will work hard to get everything to her level of perfectionism.

saveRoberta Bersano wedding and event planner in ItalyFind out more about Roberta Bersano Weddings & Events
Photo: Roberta Bersano Weddings & Events

Dab Wedding

Anna and Marco are the founders of Dab Wedding and have a trajectory of 13 years planning events. Menus, invites, floral arrangements, lighting and decoration, they can offer all. They are aware that couples like to have every little detail checked, so they deliver what the client wants.

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Photo: Dab Wedding

If you are interested in other wedding services like locations or photographers, Zankyou provides you with lists, so you can make a decision. There are options for you, whether you want a traditional wedding, to an original one. Now it is your choice!


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