Don't forget the wedding date! Our top 5 Save the Date videos, revealed

Save the Dates give a taster of your big day and of you two as a couple. Here are 5 of our favourite Save the Date videos - original and fun and all very very different!

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saveTop 5 Save the Date Videos
Image: Julian Beattie

When we talked about the cutest Save the Dates for your 2014 wedding, we mentioned the video format, which is getting trendier as each day passes.

Making a Save the Date video is a fun option. While you can always use your engagement shoot or a fun email, the trendiest option is ‘stop motion’ – a low-cost way of making your video with you as the stars! Here are some of our favourites.

1. Casero y low-cost

This couple, Haley and Janson, decided to announce their 26th of September wedding with a stop motion film using a still background (a wooden table) and a blue piece of string. The only part of the couple you see is the bride-to-be’s hand with her engagement ring. Simple, economical and original.

2. For craft addicts

If you’re crafty, why not get some cardboard and scissors and get creating? That’s what Scott and Teagan did in this original invitation video, filmed in stop motion. Very personal, very cute.

3. Save-the-date pro

If budget is no option, why not follow Ben and Mindy‘s example. This time, they used stop motion but with real people.

4. The superproduction

Jeff and Erin‘s Save the Date went viral. This trailer, inspired in some of the most famous action movies, is definitely the most fun creation of the five listed here.

5. The cool couple

Patricia and Alex have followed their hearts with this Save the Date. The fashion addict and the sports fan come together to kiss and find the date of their big day. This one is perfect for the coolest of couples.

So which one is your favourite???

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