Looking for a Guest Look Bursting with Colour? Look No Further!

  • Galan. Credits: Pronovias
  • Gamiria. Credits: Pronovias
  • Gales. Credits: Pronovias
  • Ganges. Credits: Pronovias
  • Genial. Credits: Pronovias
  • Genio. Credits: Pronovias
  • Genista. Credits: Pronovias
  • Genol. Credits: Pronovias
    • Gento. Credits: Pronovias
    • Geoda. Credits: Pronovias
    • Georgina. Credits: Pronovias
    • Gerardina: Credits: Pronovias
    • Germaine. Credits: Pronovias
    • Gesona. Credits: Pronovias
    • Gisela. Credits: Pronovias
    • Gloria. Credits: Pronovias
    • Giuliana. Credits: Pronovias
    • Gradar. Credits: Pronovias
    • Gracil. Credits: Pronovias
    • Grama. Credits: Pronovias
    • Gretel. Credits: Pronovias
    • Griala. Credits: Pronovias
    • Grisel. Credits: Pronovias
    • Griselda. Credits: Pronovias
    • Grupen. Credits: Pronovias
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Winter weddings are rapidly gaining popularity, and with this new trend comes new challenges for guests – including finding a suitable look. The majority of guests normally opt for wintry colours, producing more muted and covered-up looks. But who actually decided that bright colours have no place at a winter wedding?

In this gallery, we’ve collated a variety of designs comprising the most vibrant colours from Pronovias, a mix that perhaps you’ve never thought of for this season, but a look that’s sure to wow the crowds and warm hearts!

Most of the dresses in this collection are long, ideal if you’re maid of honour and the bride has asked you to wear a knee-length design. Amongst our recommendations you’ll find featherlight gauze and crepe skirts for fluid movement, mikado floral print combined with draped and peplum effects which lend themselves to amazingly voluminous looks without sacrificing delicately-designed silhouettes. Get ready to also discover short occasion dresses adorned with gemstones, asymmetric necklines and floral brooch motifs.

A truly special spectrum of colour, full of options for you to choose the perfect one which fits your taste, your style, and your figure. Brave the winter chill and shine as a technicolour guest this season with the help of Pronovias’ 2018 occasion dresses. You’re sure to cause quite a stir!

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