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  • Evening Wedding Proposals: 30 Irresistible Guest Looks!

Evening Wedding Proposals: 30 Irresistible Guest Looks!

30 amazing evening wear looks for your next wedding - don't miss out on all the colours and fabrics Pronovias has to offer

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2018 is in full flow, so if there’s a time to be organised and decide on your wedding outfit, then it’s now. If your loved one has chosen to celebrate her wedding in the evening, we have some incredible designs to choose from to make sure you shine like the star you are! The Pronovias Fiesta 2018 collection has your back, don’t miss out!


One of the novelties and trends that we can’t leave behind is paillette, the fashionable fabric composed of hundreds of sequins that add even more glamour, if possible. Some of the colours found in the collection are black, a classic but elegant colour, intense red, Burgundy tones, bottle green and night blue. All of which mix with different patterns to make the most beautiful evening looks.

Don’t miss everything that Pronovias has to offer for their 2018 guests because among the party dresses we’re sure they’re be one perfect for you. Don’t wait any longer!

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Evening Wedding Proposals: 30 Irresistible Guest Looks!